Telangana SCERT Class 6 Social Studies Solution : Here in this page we provides Telangana State Class 6 History Geography and Civics full book Solution Chapter-wise. Students of Telangana Board can get here Class 6 Social Studies Textbook Exercise Solution.

Telangana Board Class 6 Social Studies Solution:


Telanagana SCERT




Social Studies (History Geography and Civics)

Telangana State Board Class 6 Social Studies Chapter-wise Solution:

Chapter 1:  Reading and Making Maps

Chapter 2: Globe – A Model of the Earth

Chapter 3: Land Forms (Part -A) , Penamakuru – A Village in the Krishna Delta (Part-B)

Chapter 4: Dokur – A Village on the Plateau

Chapter 5:  Penugolu – A Village on the Hills

Chapter 6: From Gathering Food to Growing Food – The Earliest People

Chapter 7: Agriculture in Our Times

Chapter 8: Trade in Agricultural Produce – Part-A, Trade in Agricultural Produce – Part- B

Chapter 9: Community Decision Making in a Tribe

Chapter 10: Emergence of Kingdoms and Republics

Chapter 11: First Empires

Chapter 12: Democratic Government

Chapter 13: Village Panchayats

Chapter 14: Local Self – Government in Urban Areas

Chapter 15: Diversity in Our Society

Chapter 16: Towards Gender Equality

Chapter 17: Religion and Society in Early Times

Chapter 18: Devotion and Love towards God

Chapter 19: Language, Writing and Great Books

Chapter 20: Sculptures and Buildings

Chapter 21: Greenery in Telangana

Telanagana State Board Class 6 History Geography and Civics Textbook Solution Chapter-wise Telanagana SCERT Class VII Social Studies Solution