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Bihar School Examination Board has created textbooks for students with its experts’ team. Textbooks are an important study materials for students, which help them a lot in their studies. Students gain enough knowledge by reading these textbooks, and with this knowledge they get good results in exams. A separate textbook is prepared for each subject of different classes by the Bihar Board. The board has developed very well-structured Textbooks on each subject to provide relevant information according to syllabus. Students start their studies at the beginning with the textbook which shows them definite way towards learning. The teachers of each school under the board teach students through this textbook. The Bihar Board give effective learning exercises after describing the topics of all subjects elaborately. With the learning exercises students can analyze their learning and improve accordingly. Students get appropriate learning activities which are helpful for them in learning at home. As a result, students can understand their whole learning course and its effectiveness in all.

Bihar Board Books Class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

The BSEB has been strengthening the education system of the state since its foundation in the state. The Bihar Board knows very well that the education system needs to be well-formed for creating a developed state in future. There has been considerable emphasis on the state’s secondary and higher secondary textbooks to improve the learning outcomes of students. Textbooks are designed in the pattern that students become interested to study the textbooks of each subject very well. Through each class test, the students prepare the next day’s study plan. Then students starts giving more focus on their weak areas for gaining knowledge in every subject. BSEB has created these textbooks to impart complete knowledge to the students about each subject by the experts and as a result the students have been benefited considerably. The Bihar Board has presented the textbooks of each class as a valuable resource to the students. Click on the link below to learn more about BSEB textbooks.

BSEB Textbook Class 6 Pdf Format

BSEB Class 6 Mathematics Textbook

BSEB Class 6 English Textbook

BSEB Class 6 Social Studies Textbook

BSEB Class 6 Science Textbook

BSEB Class 6 Hindi Textbook

BSEB Textbook Class 7 Pdf Format

BSEB Class 7 Mathematics Textbook

BSEB Class 7 English Textbook

BSEB Class 7 Social Studies Textbook

BSEB Class 7 Science Textbook

BSEB Class 7 Hindi Textbook

BSEB Textbook Class 8 Pdf Format

BSEB Class 8 Mathematics Textbook

BSEB Class 8 English Textbook

BSEB Class 8 Social Studies Textbook

BSEB Class 8 Science Textbook

BSEB Class 8 Hindi Textbook

BSEB Textbook Class 9 Pdf Format

BSEB Class 9 Mathematics Textbook

BSEB Class 9 English Textbook

BSEB Class 9 Social Studies Textbook

BSEB Class 9 Science Textbook

BSEB Class 9 Hindi Textbook

BSEB Textbook Class 10 Pdf Format

BSEB Class 10 Mathematics Textbook

BSEB Class 10 English Textbook

BSEB Class 10 Social Studies Textbook

BSEB Class 10 Science Textbook

BSEB Class 10 Hindi Textbook

BSEB Textbook Class 11 Pdf Format

BSEB Class 11 Arts Textbooks PDF

BSEB Class 11 Commerce Textbooks PDF

BSEB Class 11 Science Textbooks PDF

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Where can I get the PDF of the text book of all subjects of class 8 of Bihar Board?

Ans. You can get the PDF of all the text books of class 8 of Bihar Board from this link.

Q2. Where can I get the PDF of Bihar Board’s 10th class text book?

Ans. We have created the PDF in a very beautiful way. Click on the link below to download it.

Q3. Which is the official website of Bihar Board?