Entrance Exam 2024

In India your how strong your professional career depends on how good your college was and almost all the good colleges of India take entrance exam and don’t relies on both central and state board marks. Many a time’s students have confusion about eligibility, options of exam in respected stream and so on. Ultimately this end’s up student’s being in wrong stream and spending their time in clearing the examination that is not even meant for them.

In this article we will see in depth about some of the entrance exam in India that will be followed by some general tips and trick to crack the examination and we will also try to break some myths regarding entrance examination too.

Entrance examination

It is interesting to know that in India there is almost an entrance exam for every field and hence to cover them all is not practically hence we will first start with some of the most popular entrance exams of India.




IIT JEE Engineering Probably this is the most reputed exam of India in the stream of science math’s, clearing this examination provides you an opportunity to study in one of the most reputed engineering colleges of India that is IIT’s and NIT’s.

It is also important to note here that that exam has two parts first stage is mains and second stage is advance.

Mode of examination is computer based.

NEET Medical NEET is the prestigious examination do to under graduation in government medical colleges. Doing medical study in private colleges of India can be very expensive and hence NEET provide an alternative for economically weaker students to fulfill their dreams. Exam is held in pen paper mode.
CUET Under graduation in Central University As discussed above board marks not don’t play a significant role,

Same is in the case of central university. Earlier admission is used to based on board exam marks but now an online computer based test is conducted that will give you entrance in one of the most prestigious universities of India like Delhi university.

Clearing this exam can make you peruse BA, BCA, B.Sc, B.Com, BJMC, B.Pharm, D.Pharm, B.Tech, B.Voc, BVA, BFA, BPA, BSW, Integrated MA Integrated B.Ed, Integrated M.Sc  in your dream college.

CLAT Law entrance If you are interested in perusing your career in law in India and wants to enter your dream college that is National law universities across the country that CLAT is the exam for you.

Clearing this exam provides you an opportunity to study in one of the most excellence law colleges to the country and ultimately it will make a string foundation/base for your career.

UCEED Fashion designing UCEED exam will help you to peruse fashion as a field of study in various IIT’s across the country. It also student to make their passion as a field of study and allows them to have a strong base for their future career.

Paper is conducted once in a year where part A is computer based examination and part B is paper based examination.

ICAR AIEEA Agriculture Sometimes student have a different orientation and have preference of the subjects that are less popular. This end’s them in a situation where they thing whether they have a good career in it or not? Same is the case with agriculture. Increasingly in India there are examinations for agriculture to. One such exam I is ICAR AIEEA. Clearing this exam allows students to peruse agriculture as a field of study in various central universities across the countries.

Important note

Above provided is a very small list of entrance exams in India. The main purpose it to give a preface to the aspirants that whatever career they want to peruse there is literally no need to think that this field don’t have a career. In India doing your under graduation in a good college can really helps you to build a string career in your desired field.

It is also important to note that sometimes aspirants get failed with a very less margin let’s say 1 or 2 marks. In this there are many private universities that give compensation to students in their fees structure that make study in private universities affordable.

Many good reputed private universities take their own exam of various streams. These are usually of less of level what is being conducted by National testing agency. Hence it you study for a difficult level examination many other examinations become easy to crack.

For an example it a candidate study for IIT JEE and study hard clearing other engineering entrance exam like BITSAT, SRM,VITEEE etc becomes very easy for the aspirants.

Our 9 pointer’s tips and trick to clear entrance test

One must understand that apart from syllabus there should a perfect strategy for the exam. Below are some tips and tricks to that candidate should follow

  1. Carefully observe the exam pattern-Students are required to do through the syllabus and exam patter thoroughly. Syllabus should be on tips and completely study should hover around syllabus.
  2. Well created timetable-Timetable is going to play an important role to cover your day to day goals but at the same time it should not be impractical to achieve. Hence candidate should create a more practical timetable.
  3. Selection of content-Selection of books and study material should be precise and limited. Students end up purchasing lot of books and not able to consolidate one. Hence there should be limited books with quality content.
  4. Previous year question paper-Aspirants should solve previous year question paper regularly as it helps them to understand the exam pattern more deeply and also gives them an idea about the weight age of each topic. This make the study more exams oriented.
  5. Time Management –It is one of the most important factors as it helps aspirant to achieve their daily weekly and monthly goals and keep them motivated. Time management should be done not only in studies but also in attempting exam itself.
  6. Mock Test-Give as much as mock as possible. It not only provide a pre exam experience to the aspirants but it also helps to stimulate real exam conditions and prepare candidate for the pressure that builds in exam duration.
  7. Stay positive and healthy-Candidate should remain motivated throughout the journey of the exam as they to scarify many of their fun activities and they are required to create a distance from social media. This created a frustration and feeling of loneliness which is quite normal. Hence a candidate required to deal this condition calmly. Candidates cannot afford to fall sick and it cut them from preparations of examinations.
  8. Stay informed-Be up to date regarding changing pattern of the examination as to avoid any last minute hurry. Use official sites to gather information about the examination and avoid rumors.
  9. Revision-Revise, revise and revise a lot. Revision is going to be the key to success. At the end candidate must be able to recall what they have studied in the exam hall and this can only be done with the help of revision.

Apart from knowing what to do it is also equally important to know what not to do.

Myths about entrance exam

  1. Coaching is necessary- It is basically a myth that coaching is necessary to clear the examination which is indeed not true. Coaching do helps but at the end it is all about candidate’s hard work and discipline that make him/her to clear any examination. Hence even without coaching entrance exams can be cleared in India.
  2. Start preparations as soon as possible –There is a false propaganda that hover in our country that candidate’s should start preparations from an early age so to clear exam in due time which is not true. Sometimes it has been seen that student from class 10 itself starts preparing for the college examination which ultimately results in weakening of overall growth of student.

There is a right time for everything and hence students should focus on these examinations at right time only.

  1. Study 15 hours a day-This above statement is a scam. One should not focus on hours of study but the main focus should be quality of study and how much study is been done with complete examination orientation.

A descent and regular 8 hours study without any distraction is more than enough to clear any examination.

  1. Multiple attempts should be avoided-A candidate who is giving multiple is considered to be wasting money and time which is generally not true. Many a time candidate is not satisfy with the rank or not able to clear exam with a very less margin or it was simply a bad day. It a candidate had honestly studied very hard and not satisfy with the exam result giving a another shot is not a bad deal
  2. Close you in a room-It is generally been persuaded that the candidate should close himself in the room and cut of all their interaction and only remain focus towards study. This is wrong, human being is a social animal and this behavior is not to put candidate in any superior position in fact it is going to create unnecessary problems.

Hence a healthy life balance should be maintained at any cost.

  1. On exam will decide your future-Reading this is going to a heart breaking for many but the reality is clearing one competitive exam is not a grantee for a successful life. Life advances each day and with arises new problem. That old phrase “ek bar yeh exam clear ho jae phir sab theak ho jaega” is never going to come. Hence to have a successful life one must perform well in each exam that life will put into us.
  2. Educational background matter-One of the common myth is also students who were good in studies in school should opt for such exams. This is generally not true as indeed having good knowledge of school’s studies is going to handy and is going to provide an edge. But many a time it has been seen and sometimes students who are not good in school studies ends up clearing most difficult exams. Thus ultimately right guidance and students hard work is required.
  3. Family background is important-Sometimes a myth is created that having educated parents is the key to success in educational background of the child. Which is not true again as indeed the former situation helps us create a healthy study environment at home but at the same time it is the child’s will and determination that matters the most.

There are countless example in front of us where the candidates from poor and uneducated family not only cleared the exam but also able to get top ranks.

Sometimes there are many college students who are doing under graduation and aware about the options they have in perusing the higher education. India education system gives student second chance to excel in life that is through different post graduation examination. Again entrance in best universities and colleges of India is not dependent on colleges or universities marks but more or less depends upon the marks of these examinations.

In this segment we are going to see some of these post graduation exams.




CAT MBA This examination allows pursuing post graduation in business administration among the tops business schools in India including IIM.

Dedication, discipline, and a well-structured study plan are necessary for preparing for the Comprehensive Aptitude Test (CAT). This exam evaluates a candidate’s potential in management by assessing their ability in language skills, data interpretation, mathematics, and logical reasoning.

GATE Engineering IITs and IISc are some of the many Indian institutions that offer admission to their postgraduate programs, including engineering, technology, architecture, and science through GATE.
NEET PG Medical Postgraduate medical courses in India require passing the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Postgraduate (NEET-PG), a nationwide exam for admission to programs like Master of Surgery (MS), Doctor of Medicine (MD), and postgraduate diplomas at different medical universities and colleges.
CUET PG Various courses in central universities As we have studied above about CUET that allows student to pursue their studies in best central universities of India. CUET PG is just another step it. This exam helps candidate to do their masters in various fields in the most notch colleges of India.


GRE Foreign Studies Sometimes candidates are fond of studying abroad in higher universities to do their master. For them GRE exam is the key. This examination allows candidate to take entrance into best colleges of US and other countries.

Apart from just entrances exam there are many recruitment exam’s in India that candidate can

Pursue to have a descent life. List to these examinations with a brief elaboration is given below.



It is one of the most prestigious and honored exam of India. Selected candidate get a chance to work with government in higher position. Interestingly candidates from any stream having done under graduation can sit in the examination.

Exam is held once in a year and it is considered to be one of the

Most difficult exams of the world.


This is the dream exam of aspirants who want to join armed forces of India and serve as an officer in it. Exam is also known as mini UPSC due to

Overall lapping of syllabus. Written exam is being followed by SSB and medical checkup.

Exam is held twice a year and candidates falling in age criteria and sit under it.


As we have seen gate exam as a way to pursue masters in top engineering college of India. Candidates scoring high marks get a direct call from many public sector

Organization to work in a  higher hierarchy  of the organization.


Candidate scoring excellent ranks in NET UGC get’s a scholarship known as Junior research fellow and gets a chance to work as a assistant professor in various

Colleges across the country.


This exam is considered to be one of the most prestigious exam in the field of

Engineering. It enables the selected candidates to work with government as

A higher engineering post.

Exam is held once a year with pen paper mode. There are three stages of examination that is prelims, mains and interview.


Exams done by central government for the recruitment of Group b officer to

Work with central government. Thought the exam is computer based and

Done in two tiers that is one and two. Generally the  exam is conducted once a

Year but sometimes there are instances when examination is conducted

Twice a year.

State  government exams

As of the central government state governments also conduct various exams

And the list is too exhaustive.

Thus these all exams described above provided a better career to the candidates and helps them to live a meaningful life.

As we are approaching to the end of this article segment we all are aware the recruitment exams are generally the last shot in candidate’s life we he/she can excel through education. Hence below are some of the do’s and don’ts that a candidate should follow while pursuing for recruitment exams.


Understand exam: Candidate must Learn and understand the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking style. This will give him enough information for a focused study plan.

Procrastinate: Avoid procrastinating. Stick to your study schedule and try not to postpone your study sessions.

Build a Study Schedule: Candidate should together a study schedule that properly allocates time for every subject or section of the exam. Consistency is the key to success.

Overburden Yourself: Do not overburden yourself with too much material. Instead, focus on quality over quantity and make sure you’re studying relevant information.


Find Quality Study Material: Your search begins now. Look for the best books, online sources, and study materials that are relevant to the exam. You can even consult with professionals or someone who has cleared the exam before for advice.

Cram at the Last Minute: Waiting until the last minute is never an effective strategy. Start preparing well in advance to cover everything on the syllabus thoroughly.



Stay Healthy: Not only will this help your mind but also your body in general but try your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle during exams. This includes getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, and exercising regularly.

Ignore Health and Well-being: Neglecting your health can have negative effects. Avoid staying up late and maintain a balance between studying and self-care.



Practice Solving Problems: If any quantitative or technical sections pop up on this test make sure you practice problem-solving regularly because it’s gonna be real important in building up your skill.

Panic During the Exam: Stay calm and focused during your exam. The presence of being nervous or anxious can impact your performance.


Take Practice Tests: Regularly take mock tests and look at previous years’ question papers to get an understanding of how everything works. You’ll get a feel for the pacing, improve your time management skills, and see what types of questions there are.

Guess Wildly: Exams allow you to guess answers, but there might be negative marking for incorrect ones. Before taking an educated guess, eliminate choices that are obviously wrong.

At last to conclude in this article we have gone through three types of examination

  • Examination given to pursue under graduation courses in India in various disciplines.
  • Exam After under graduation- In this we had two sub categories
  • Exam for post graduation- that is to go master’s in various discipline inside and outside India
  • Exam for recruitment- that is have a excellent job with government and public sector or in other fields.

Apart from it we have also gone through tips and trick to clear and myth for under graduate exam for our younger champs to help them understand better and in the end we also elaborated do’s and don’ts while going for recruitment exams.

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