The Indian Education system has had vast and major changes over the years. The Gurukula system of school in ancient times was the system that would bring out the good and mould the worst into the best of the Students. The Guru was responsible for teaching the students who lived in their Guru’s house. Learning Science and Nature, different types of Arts, simultaneously doing the chores and many lessons that did the upbringing in the student that helped him leading on his life with the best possible approach.

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Later the classroom system was introduced in the era of British rule. The system initiates the learning of many students under the guidance of one teacher for different subjects. A typical school year has 180 days of school. This type of school inherited teamwork, awareness, optimistic competition, and good social skills. Later, as the years passed by the school system in India became well-organized. There are Twenty-eight states in India and seven Union Territories. Each States and Union territory has an Education Administration appointed by the elected Government of India. Over the years Indian school system has gone through changes and has been developing in good ways even after the setback ofthe Covid-19 Pandemic.

Schools are among the most important base pillars of any country’s success. The Child that acquires a good potential education will always be a boon for the Country’s development. The covid-19 pandemic was a setback for the school life of many generations. But now the government have been introducing good policies to welcome back a child to take their educational steps in a very orderly fashion and well-defined ways. There is a policy named National Education Policy (NEP). The NEP policy was executed by the government in 2020, but it was delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic years. But now the School policies and management in India  is going to come out strong with the NEP policy that accounts for the quality provisions that will provide Access, Equity, Quality and Accountability.  These qualities will include various strategies that will inculcate the best possible teachings to the children in India.

The administration of the school manages the Education services in more practical ways. The administration is not just responsible to close any mishap but to run and develop the school in the best possible way. The administration is responsible to provide basic facilities as well as introduce new and necessary facilities to bring out great capability in Students. The administration is the responsible department to run any kind of Institution. The administration is the main pillar of School Institutions that mustsmoothly run the school. The administrative professionals have a bigger task to run the school in a better way. They are responsible for every department of the school. There are many areas and categories to run a school. The areas such as the improvement or managing and looking out for the establishment of schools. To introduce new programmes in schools. Maintenance of existing programmes in Schools. To lookout the operation of the school per Grade wise education. The location of the School; whether the school is located in a sophisticated surrounding. The Infrastructure of the school is also a big responsibility to run the school smoothly. Classrooms facilities, Benches, Blackboard or whiteboard. The administration also has to lookout for the facility of proper washrooms and Drinking water availability. If the school provided the Meals, it has to be of good quality and the menu should be suitable for children. The Library of the school should be well-maintained. The administration is responsible for motivating the children to spend time in Library. The computer lab should be accessible. The administration has a job about an important subject of facilitating a Disabled kid. And most importantly, school staff should be of great importance, is also an administration’s responsibility to hire good staff.

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This website shows us the lists of schools that exist in India. The website has mentioned all the schools’ lists. To explore the schools in India, the following are the lists of states in India. If you explore further you will see the District wise schools in India. The District divided into major blocks is also categorized for the list of schools. The blocks are also categorized further with Schools in Clusters. The website informs the details about School Establishment, Education, Location of the school, Classroom structure in the school, basic facilities of Washrooms and Drinking water, Library, Computer Labs, Meal facility, also whether the school have the appropriate facility to nurture and teach the Disabled children. Teachers and Headteachers introduction and details.

This website have provide good, organized and well-categorised information about Schools in India. Following is the List of states in India. Do explore the list of schools present in various districts of every state in India.

  • Schools in Andhra Pradesh
  • Schools in Arunachal Pradesh
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  • Schools in Bihar
  • Schools in Chhattisgarh
  • Schools in Goa
  • Schools in Gujarat
  • Schools in Haryana
  • Schools in Himachal Pradesh
  • Schools in Jharkhand
  • Schools in Karnataka
  • Government Schools in Kerala
  • Schools in Madhya Pradesh
  • Schools in Maharashtra
  • Schools in Manipur
  • Schools in Meghalaya
  • Schools in Mizoram
  • Schools in Nagaland
  • Schools in Odisha
  • Schools in Punjab
  • Schools in Rajasthan
  • Schools in Sikkim
  • Schools in Tamil Nadu
  • Schools in Telangana
  • Schools in Tripura
  • Schools in Uttarakhand
  • Schools in Uttar Pradesh
  • Schools in West Bengal

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