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The Tripura State Board of Secondary Education (TSBSE) has created textbooks with experts’ advice for the overall progress of students’ learning.The textbooks completely explain to the students what they have to read from the first day to the end of the session of school.The Tripura Board has presented the books of each class to the students in a very neat way.Students have been benefitted considerably by reading textbooks. The table of contents is given at the beginning of the textbook and the students become aware of the subject by looking at the table of contents.The students can understand the learning course very well by studying each chapter of the textbook. Students acquire knowledge with clear concepts and ideas about different topics of their syllabus. The Tripura State Board has formulated individual textbook for each subject of all classes for the convenience of students.

Tripura Board Books Class 6th, 7th,8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th

TSBSE has given special importance to secondary and higher secondary education system and has composed the textbooks according to the needs.Subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, and History etc. are presented to the students with detail explanation and learning exercises.After each chapter there are some questions given for practicing by students. These questions are practiced by students in their convenient environment of studying.As a result, the textbooks impact in good results of students which is highly preferable in education pattern. Every test book of Tripura Board is very popular among the teachers as it can give the students complete knowledge of every subject matter.Click on the link below to learn more about it.

TBSE Textbook Class 6 PDF Format

TBSE Class 6 Mathematics Textbook

TBSE Class 6 English Textbook

TBSE Class 6 Social Studies Textbook

TBSE Class 6 Science Textbook

TBSE Class 6 Bengali Textbook

 TBSE Textbook Class 7 PDF Format

TBSE Class 7 Mathematics Textbook

TBSE Class 7 English Textbook

TBSE Class 7 Social Studies Textbook

TBSE Class 7 Science Textbook

TBSE Class 7 Bengali Textbook

 TBSE Textbook Class 8 PDF Format

TBSE Class 8 Mathematics Textbook

TBSE Class 8 English Textbook

TBSE Class 8 Social Studies Textbook

TBSE Class 8 Science Textbook

TBSE Class 8 Bengali Textbook

 TBSE Textbook Class 9 PDF Format

TBSE Class 9 Mathematics Textbook

TBSE Class 9 English Textbook

TBSE Class 9 Social Studies Textbook

TBSE Class 9 Science Textbook

TBSE Class 9 Bengali Textbook

TBSE Textbook Class 10  PDF Format

TBSE Class 10 Mathematics Textbook

TBSE Class 10 English Textbook

TBSE Class 10 Social Studies Textbook

TBSE Class 10 Science Textbook

TBSE Class 10 Bengali Textbook

 TBSE Textbook Class 11 PDF Format

TBSE Class 11  Arts Textbooks PDF

TBSE Class 11  Commerce Textbooks PDF

TBSE Class 11  Science Textbooks PDF

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Which Books are best for preparing Tripura Board Exams?

TBSE Books prescribed by the Tripura Board itself are more than enough to clear the Tripura Board Exams. You can clear the board exams with good scores.

Q.2. How can I get PDF of Tripura Board Class 10 Text Books?

Click on this link to get PDF of all 10th class test books.