CBSE Notes for all Classes of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12th

CBSE Notes: CBSE has always focused on delivering adequate resources of learning depending on students’ needs and expectations over time. The board fixes the syllabus for each class of different subjects based on students’ capabilities of learning. Expert teachers prepare textbooks for all subjects by following the exact syllabus formed by NCERT. Students follow NCERT textbooks in their regular classroom learning which effective study resources are for them. From the beginning of learning to the advance level of exam preparation students of all classes depend solely on NCERT textbooks. But they feel lack of information within textbooks to understand every single chapter at deeper level. To fulfil students’ needs over clearing deep concepts of every chapter NCERT has prepared notes for all classes. These NCERT notes are considered as the compiled form of all important factors that are required to understand all chapters for different subjects. NCERT notes for all classes have been prepared by expert teachers who have arranged topics from easy to advance level based on students’ convenience. For better understanding of students critical chapters have been described into several parts with numerous examples and illustrations related to topics. It is hopeful fact that students will get effective result in their exam by following CBSE notes regularly. Students of CBSE board can undoubtedly follow CBSE notes for their different subjects which are prepared according to the latest CBSE curriculum and NCERT books.

Key features of CBSE notes:

  • All topics included in CBSE curriculum are depicted in detail manner with easily understandable language in CBSE notes which all students can follow.
  • CBSE notes are designed in such a way that students can make its effective use for their deep understanding of every chapter and quick revision as well.
  • Students will find all required theorems, facts, formulas and equations based on important topics within CBSE notes.
  • With NCERT textbooks students get easy way of practice practically through CBSE notes for revising regularly before exam.
  • All CBSE notes are arranged by expert teachers in a simple and sequential manner for making the learning pattern interesting to students.

CBSE Notes for Class 10 all Subjects

CBSE Notes for Class 9 all Subjects

CBSE notes for class 10:

CBSE notes are considered effective study resources for encouraging students towards their basic learning. Students of CBSE board solely depend on NCERT textbooks for their prolonged exam preparation. Other significant state boards also follow NCERT textbooks for getting national level resources. Expert teachers prepare CBSE notes according to the perfect curriculum and syllabus of NCERT. So, students can undoubtedly follow all notes based on their needs of different subjects. Class 10 is the final stage when students have to appear for the final CBSE board examination. For that they focus on strategic exam preparation from the very beginning of their academic session. Following CBSE notes for all subjects give excellent result in the final performance of students during their exam. The extra facts and core concepts that are depicted in CBSE notes provide detail knowledge about all critical topics of their entire curriculum. Students get overall knowledge about different kinds of questions from every chapter that are important from exam perspective. With the practical view of CBSE notes students can notice development in their problem solving skill eventually. CBSE notes for all subjects of final board exam are available in pdf formats. Students can check and download from the below mentioned links for getting all their CBSE notes.

CBSE notes for class 9:

CBSE notes are the extensive format of study resources to make the entire learning process easier for students. Previously students follow NCERT textbooks only for their regular learning and exam preparation both. But they feel sometimes the lack of proper information for complete understanding over critical topics. In that case, CBSE notes are essential resources to provide depth knowledge with core concepts to make students understand important topics of their syllabus. Class 9 is the crucial stage of secondary education where students learn topics included in their CBSE exam syllabus. They start preparation for their final board examination at this stage with all required study resources. CBSE notes make the learning process easier by describing all topics with theorems, formulas, charts and illustrations. Through this CBSE notes students get practical view of important topics included in their curriculum. CBSE notes are available in pdf formats for all subjects that are English, hindi, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, economics and maths. Students can download all pdfs of CBSE notes from the links whenever they need during studying.

Class 8 Notes

NCERT notes are specific extra study materials for CBSE students to understand their curriculum to greater extent. Textbooks are not enough for understanding critical topics to its deeper level. Class 8 is important stage in secondary education where students learn many important topics related to their secondary education syllabus. Expert teachers prepare CBSE notes to represent critical topics with all core concepts in an understandable way to students. They get extra facts from CBSE notes which are helpful to answer all kinds of questions from a single chapter. When students get complete understanding about all topics the learning pattern becomes interesting to them. For that students prefer following CBSE notes which encourages them to study at deeper level for any subject. Besides that CBSE notes play the role of easy handbook to them at the time of quick revision before examination. Class 8 CBSE notes are available for all subjects that are English, hindi, maths, history, geography, biology, physics and chemistry. These NCERT notes are attached in pdf formats from where students can follow them according to their convenience.

Class 7 Notes

CBSE notes are significant study resources for making the learning pattern easier to students. Students will find all important facts are described in easy an understandable way within CBSE notes which not so elaborate in their textbooks. Class 7 is another important part before secondary exam when students learn various important topics of their syllabus. CBSE notes are available for all subjects of class 7 like science, hindi, maths and English. All the important facts that are available in CBSE notes are necessary for students to better understand of all topics. Expert teachers have arranged all topics in sequential manner according to difficulty level for students’ convenience. All chapters that are interrelated students will understand from their learning of previous chapter. Students of class 7 can make CBSE notes as an easy option for their quick revision before their final exam. Through NCERT notes students get practical knowledge of learning which are effective to develop their answer writing skills. Students can get their NCERT notes for all subjects by clicking on the below mentioned links.

Class 6 Notes

NCERT notes are the most useful resources to understand every single chapter at deeper level. All the core concepts and facts are described in an easy manner to make all topics understandable for students. Students of CBSE board rely on their specific NCERT textbooks for studying according to CBSE curriculum. But following the textbooks only for exam is not enough option to understand all concepts and give well performance in exam. So, experts have formed NCERT notes including all required charts, graphs, theorems, illustrations and examples for every single topics. Students will also find extra key facts in NCERT notes for all important topics of their curriculum. Class 6 is an important stage of secondary education where students learn many important topics from different subjects. NCERT notes for all subjects like maths, social science, English, Hindi are available in pdf formats for students’ convenience, they can easily download from the below mentioned links to get their respective NCERT notes for further study.


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  1. Why should students follow CBSE notes?

Answer: students will get all topics of their curriculum in an easily understandable language with key facts and concepts through which students will understand critical chapters easily. Following CBSE notes are helpful for students not only their upcoming board exams but also preparation for all kinds of competitive exams in future.

  1. From where do students can download CBSE notes?

Answer:  notes are easily available in the provided links attached in this article. Students can check and download pdfs of all subjects for all classes based on their needs from there.