Class 10 Notes Civics

CBSE Notes Class 10 Civics

Hello Dear Students here in this page we (Net Explanations) trying to provide Best Notes for Class 10 Civics. All Chapter-wise Civics Notes made by our Civics Teacher. You can Download CBSE Notes Class 10 Civics PDF from here.

In Class 10 Civics Books there are total 8 Chapters. Chapter 1 is Power-sharing, Chapter 2 is Federalism, Chapter 3 is Democracy and Diversity, Chapter 4 is Gender, Religion and Caste, Chapter 5 is Popular Struggles and Movements, Chapter 6 is Political Parties, Chapter 7 is Outcomes of Democracy, Chapter 8 is Challenges to Democracy. We have provided all Chapter’s Notes with some Important Questions.

CBSE Notes Class 10 Civics Chapter wise (Political Science)

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