NBSE (Nagaland board of school education) is the responsible education board of the state Nagaland. It is majorly responsible for monitoring and developing the school education of Nagaland through secondary and higher secondary education. The board NBSE was formed in 15 November, 1973 as the state agency under the Nagaland government. It’s headquarter is in Kohima and the official language of the board is English. The board of Nagaland school education was established with the aim of making definite parameters to conduct examinations in time. It also take the responsibility of prescribing course instruction for every academic session. It also forms general guidelines for examinations which each school under the board have to follow accordingly.

The majority of the total population in Nagaland is dependent on NBSE for their education and development. For that it has become the major concern of the board to improve the education pattern with time according to students’ expectations. It make total arrangements for both the internal and external examinations of the board. After that it also look for result publication within proper time and management. It constitutes selective experts’ group for preparing appropriate curriculum, syllabus, textbooks and solutions which can be acceptable to students for their academic lessons. NBSE maintain its all responsibilities with utmost concern to fulfil all the necessities and expectations of students regarding their education facilities.

Chief responsibilities of NBSE:

The board is actually overall guidance to the state government for developing school education specifically in secondary and higher secondary section. It also suggests to adopt timely reforms in the examination pattern and evaluation process. It conducts regular inspection to government schools for monitoring the attainment of education standards. NBSE also arranges special seminars, training and workshops in different stages for enhancing teaching pattern of teachers. NBSE monitors all stages of school education so that it can find out any problem and take remedial measures at once to remove the obstacles in education. NBSE is also considered the advisory board of the state government for advising initiatives on moral, social and physical welfare of students enrolled in recognised schools. The board prescribes eligibility criteria and necessary qualifications during selection of teachers for the recognised schools. It works for receiving grants on different purposes from the government and collecting funds from private associations or individuals for any specific reasons.

Syllabus and Time table for Examination:

NBSE is responsible for providing all basic and important information to students of recognised board schools. Students of all classes are also rely on the board and its management for their learning through the platform of school education. For that basic reason NBSE focus on preparing the syllabus after discussing with the experts’ team. Specific subjects matter experts choose important topics for students’ learning and include them in different subjects for preparing their entire curriculum. Syllabus is the first step of understanding any course and its ultimate learning goals. NBSE prepares the syllabus after researching thoroughly and publish it within stipulated time at the very beginning of academic session. It also maintains the general rule of publishing time tame table for major board examination like HSLC and HSSLC exam for which students prepare for the whole year. Lakhs of students appear in those major board exams every year in Nagaland for which it is competitive too. That is the reason also for which students wait to see the entire syllabus and time table of their exam so that they can take preparation according to their own strategy.

NBSE Syllabus

Textbooks of NBSE:

NBSE follows the same pattern of their responsibility in preparing textbooks for different classes of variety of subjects. The team of experts conducts thorough research on students’ needs and previous year results before selecting topics for their textbooks. Textbooks are the primary resources from where students acquire knowledge on any topic that included in their curriculum. NBSE has always given importance in providing ideal resources and facilities to students and so does follow in the case of textbooks. It has improved the pattern for textbooks for HSLC students which are nationalised in standard and included in coded textbooks. For the high level education the board has taken responsibilities to deliver standard study materials in the form of textbooks. With it all students’ studies under NBSE can rely on their textbooks completely for their general learning preparation for any major level examination. Students of all classes from 1 to 12 can download the pdf format of their textbooks from the below links:

NBSE textbooks for class 1

NBSE textbooks for class 2
NBSE textbooks for class 3

NBSE textbooks for class 4

NBSE textbooks for class 5

NBSE textbooks for class 6
NBSE textbooks for class 7

NBSE textbooks for class 8

NBSE textbooks for class 9

NBSE textbooks for class 10
NBSE textbooks for class 11

NBSE textbooks for class 12

NBSE Previous year Question Papers:

Students who want to score higher always prefer following their own exam preparation strategy from the very beginning. In case of NBSE examination pattern, students of all classes should make their study plan and depend on it through their whole academic year till final examination. Besides NBSE textbooks students must have strategic plan for being in the organised way of preparation. Students complete learning activities within their textbooks and also finish assignments of different subjects which are part of their preparation. With all these things students require more smart techniques to be ahead with their preparation and feel confident when they appear in final examination. Keeping practice with previous year question papers is a proved solution with effective results. With regular practice by NBSE previous year question papers for HSLC and HSSLC exams students will get improved result in their preparation. They can justify their preparation level by analysing their strong and weak areas regularly. So, it is must for all students of class 10 and class 12 of NBSE board to follow previous year questions before attempting their final examination.

NBSE Class 10 Examination:

The class 10 examination of Nagaland board is known as HSLC (high school leaving certificate) examination in which lakhs of students appear every year. NBSE conducts the important board’s exam per year and publish results too within time. NBSE provides all important resources like textbooks, syllabus, solutions, model question papers and exam routine within time in their official website so that students can start their preparation without any obstacles.  NBSE has always maintained the organized way of providing the right resources at the right time for students’ convenience. Students are advised to check their HSLC exam routine from the official website of NBSE during their academic learning. Having the proper time table of exam will enable them to finish the syllabus earlier so that they can get enough time for practicing lessons. Besides that all students should follow their respective textbooks and solutions for all subjects to gather proper knowledge in every subject before appearing in exam. Students can check previous year questions of HSLC by clicking on the below links:

NBSE class 10 solved question paper of 2016

NBSE class 10 solved question paper of 2017
NBSE class 10 solved question paper of 2018

NBSE class 10 solved question paper of 2019

NBSE class 10 solved question paper of 2020

NBSE Class 12 Examination:

NBSE is the responsible board of conducting class 12 examination which is known as HSSLC (Higher secondary school leaving certificate) in Nagaland. So, the board monitors all stages regarding HSSLC exam with great care and excellence to improve the quality of higher education. NBSE has always focused in providing quality education among students through the conventional medium of school education. After passing HSLC exam students enrol into HSSLC course in which they get chances to study according to their choices and preferences. Students can also choose ne subjects in their higher secondary course which is valuable to open multiple ways of their higher studies. From that point of view, higher secondary course is much important in the students’ academic career. For that NBSE has taken the responsibility of looking all stages to develop the pattern of higher education. Students of class 12 can check their entire syllabus, download textbooks and follow appropriate solutions from the official website of NBSE to be well-prepared of their final HSSLC exam. Students are advised to check all previous year questions of HSSLC exam from the below mentioned links:

NBSE class 12 solved question paper of 2016 NBSE class 12 solved question paper of 2017
NBSE class 12 solved question paper of 2018 NBSE class 12 solved question paper of 2019
NBSE class 12 solved question paper of 2020

Textbook Solutions for Class 10 and 12 of NBSE:

Textbook solutions play great role in understanding the curriculum for any class in any education board. Textbooks are the basic standard study resources on which any level of students can rely for their complete study. NBSE has also maintained the pattern of delivering adequate study resources in the form of textbooks to their all classes students. With the respective NBSE textbooks students not only focus on their regular classroom learning but also continue their self-study. NBSE textbooks have the chapter-wise detail description to preserve the zeal among students to learn all subjects deeply. With the guidance of NBSE textbook solutions students can easily complete their learning activities by their own which is helpful to enhance their subjective knowledge. Students often feel the lack of reference books or any kind of guide books for further explanation on any topic which can be fulfilled by NBSE textbooks effectively. Students can completely depend on these textbooks for being structured accurately with the NBSE examination guidelines. Students can grow their understanding about exam pattern and answer writing style which will be fruitful for their final exam. So, students of all classes are advised to follow NBSE textbooks effectively to study all subjects included in their curriculum and they can check from below links:

NBSE textbook solutions of class 1

NBSE textbook solutions of class 2
NBSE textbook solutions of class 3

NBSE textbook solutions of class 4

NBSE textbook solutions of class 5

NBSE textbook solutions of class 6
NBSE textbook solutions of class 7

NBSE textbook solutions of class 8

NBSE textbook solutions of class 9

NBSE textbook solutions of class 10
NBSE textbook solutions of class 11

NBSE textbook solutions of class 12

Model Question Papers:

NBSE has constantly worked on developing the learning experience of students through their conventional school education platform. The state board has extended its facilities in education to provide extra benefits among students. Students also feel confident with their exam reparation for depending on the NBSE study materials so much. Besides providing textbooks, solutions in time NBSE also prepares model question papers every year by the experts for major examinations like HSLC and HSSLC. After studying hard with the textbooks students feel lack of confidence for improper practicing within time. In this case, model question papers come as a rescue to fulfil all the requirements of students regarding practice. NBSE model question papers are enough to provide knowledge about exam pattern, marking division and important chapters for exam perspective which are the main factors for better exam preparation. Students will also get chances to analyse their exam preparation and focus more on the weak areas for performing well in the final exam. Students of class 10 and class 12 are highly recommended to download and follow the model question papers of NBSE from the below links on daily basis for better performance:

NBSE model question papers for class 10

NBSE model question papers for class 12

Declaration of Result:

NBSE has always focused maintaining the quality education system within state for which it has improved all stages of school education. NBSE takes all the responsibilities of conducing major board’s exam like HSLC and HSSLC on time. After conducting exams successfully it declares the official date of publishing results in both online and offline mode. Students can easily check the official dates of results and be tension free till the time. The definite time of result is enough to assure students about their results which they can get within time. Students of class 12 have to prepare for enrolling in colleges for which they become eager to know their HSSLC results. NBSE knows the fact very well and for that it focuses majorly on publishing results in definite time every year.


1.) What is NBSE?

Ans. NBSE is the education board maintained by the state government of Nagaland.

2.) When was NBSE formed?

Ans. NBSE was formed on 15 November, 1973.

3.) What is the main objective of NBSE?

Ans. The main objective of NBSE is to provide quality education among students in the form of school education.

4.) How can we get detail syllabus of NBSE?

Ans. Students can get their full syllabus from the official website www.nbsenagaland.com



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