NBSE releases syllabus for all classes from 1 to 12 within definite time of each academic year in their official website. Students of all classes mainly class 10 and class 12 eagerly wait for the syllabus. NBSE always engage experienced team of experts for selecting important topics in every curriculum so that students feel attraction towards their learning. For that reason students remain very hopeful about their syllabus and can rely completely on NBSE for it. Syllabus is the primary stage of understanding the learning outcome of any academic course. Before starting study students can gather a general view about their ultimate learning by just overviewing the entire syllabus. In that case, it is very essential for all students to understand the syllabus first before starting their academic journey in respective classes.

NBSE Syllabus For Class 1 to 12

NBSE gives special important while prepare syllabus for HSLC and HSSLC exam for which students prepare wholeheartedly through the academic session. Experts select the topics that are really connected to higher studies which will be ultimately helpful for students. With this strategy students can easily understand the topics of higher studies with their previous learning. Syllabus of NBSE is also arranged in the pattern that students can get chances to learn from easy to difficult level for all subjects. so, it is for students welfare that they should review the syllabus at prior level to have proper knowledge and understanding about the whole curriculum. After knowing the syllabus students can make their own study plan accordingly so that they can finish it within time. So, it is beneficial for all students to follow their respective syllabus from the beginning and through the entire session to study effectively. Here, students of all classes under NBSE can check their syllabus from the below mentioned links:

NBSE Syllabus Nagaland Board

NBSE syllabus for class 1

NBSE syllabus for class 2

NBSE syllabus for class 3

NBSE syllabus for class 4

NBSE syllabus for class 5

NBSE syllabus for class 6

NBSE syllabus for class 7

NBSE syllabus for class 8
NBSE syllabus for class 9

NBSE syllabus for class 10

NBSE syllabus for class 11

NBSE syllabus for class 12



1) What is the significant fact about NBSE?

Ans. NBSE focuses on all stages of school education for overall development of the education system and final outcome in students’ learning.

2) Who prepares syllabus for all classes in NBSE?

Ans. The team of experienced subject matter experts in NBSE prepares the entire syllabus for all classes.

3.) When do students get syllabus for their respective classes?

Ans. Students will get their complete syllabus available in official website at the beginning of their academic session.

4.) How can students download syllabus for their individual classes?

Ans. Students can check and download syllabus of particular classes from the official web portal www.nbsenagaland.com