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West Bengal Board Solution 2024: West Bengal Board Textbook Solution Class 6 to Class 12 Here in this Page. WBBSE & WBCHSE Boards’ Student can Follow this Page. Here we Solve out 3 subject i.e. English, Mathematics & Science (Physical Science & Life Science). West Bengal Board Students Follow Us daily to Extra Notes.

In this article we are going to discuss about solutions of all the subjects taught in the schools under west Bengal board from class 6 to 12. Students who are studying under west Bengal WBBSE or WBCHSE board regularly face problems while finding the solutions of the problems provided in their textbooks. During the learning phase a student can feel stuck in a particular problem as a result he/she may lose interest in that specific area eventually making it a weak link in the long run. Having the solution of the entire textbook in hand can improve the quality of learning significantly.

In our website we have uploaded revised and updated version of the solutions. All our solutions are authentic and are made with accordance with the guidelines provided by WBBSE and WBCHSE. Moreover, the solutions provided by us are prepared by skilled professional who have significant experience in respective fields. Above all with the quality checks in place for the content provided for the students are always kept at a certain level. In other words it would not be wrong to say that the solutions provided by us are best for the students.

West Bengal Board Solution Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 & Class 12:

In our website netexplanations com we provide you solutions of the West Bengal WBBSE, WBCHSE board textbooks from class 6 to class 12.  Most importantly the solutions provided by us is complete on its own which means that the students would not have to seek help from different solution guides. Our solution guidebook is incompliance with the respective education boards namely WBBSE and WBCHSE. The experts who prepare the solution guides have significant experience in teaching and other respective field. The descriptive type answers given in our solution guide are written with utmost care making them best suited for their respective topics.The answers and solutions of the science and mathematics problems are checked numerous times for better accuracy. The latest updated 2024-25 solution PDF is now available in our website.Our panel of experts has prepared solutions for the students of West Bengal board students from class 6 to class 12 with utmost care and affection. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that this is the best solution guide for West Bengal board students.

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How to use our solution effectively

According to the statistics, textbook solutions can significantly increase the probability of good marks in every subject. When utilized correctly a solution guide can increase the understanding of the core concepts of the subject. For example a student who has utilized the solution guide and prepared for the exam with rock solid concepts will definitely score better in examination than others. Students are always advised to use solution guide in a way that it helps them understand the topics that they have trouble gasping in class. On the other hand some might argue that students may use these solution guides may obstruct the natural growth of the students. In reality the situation is quite contrary. However, using the solution guide with wrong intentions can be harmful. In other words students should never use guidebooks to copy the answers without even trying to solve it in the first place. Students are advised to use the guidebook only after trying their level best to solve a problem.


  • Use solution guide only when you have tried and failed to solve the problem.
  • Use the solution guide to understand the concept more clearly and then make your own answers


  • Never use solution guide before trying to solve or understanding the concept.
  • Never copy from the solution instead of writing your own answers.

Preparation strategy for board exam students

Board exams are one of the most hard exams students face in their student life. These exams have a significant effect on any student’s life and career as a result these exam save their own fear in the heart of students. However, it is crucial to fight this fear otherwise it can have adverse effect on the results of the examination. For a successful preparation one must start his preparation as soon as the session starts without wasting any time. Furthermore the candidates are advised to clear their concepts and practice as much as possible. Most importantly students should not procrastinate on their daily tasks which will eventually hamper their preparation resulting in a decrease in marks.

The solution guides provided in our website can help students appearing in board exams extensively. Additional help will speed up the process of preparation for exams of this significance. Students can download the solution pdf from our website and start utilizing them from the start of their preparation journey. In other words our solution guides can be a great companion for the students who are appearing in the board exams.


In the above article we have discussed the importance of solution guides in preparation for different examinations in details. The importance of using proper technique to utilize the solution guide to its full potential is also discussed above. In short we have established that it is very important to use solution guides for making strong base and scoring good marks. Students are also advised not to use their solution guides for wrong reasons as it will defeat the main purpose of these solution guidebooks. On the other hand when used properly as specified in this article the solution guidebooks will help you develop in a nall-round manner.

In conclusion, we can surely say that the solution guidebooks developed by our panel of experts can help you excel in your preparation journey. The students who are appearing for their board exams will surely reap benefits from using our comprehensive solution guidebooks. Students can directly download the solutions pdf by clicking the respective links easily. The whole team of netexplanations wishes you all the very best for your future endeavors. For any queries or doubts please contact us through our social media pages.