Bengali Rachana

Bengali Rachana | বাংলা রচনা | Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Bengali Rachana | বাংলা রচনা | Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Bengali Rachana in bengali বাংলা রচনা for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Bengali Essay 2023

Bengali Rachana or Bengali essay or বাংলা রচনা is a significant part of Bengali language at school levels and in higher level studies. We all know the fact that essay writing is an important part for enhancing the writing skill in any language, so, writing Bengali essays is equally important to grow the knowledge in Bengali and overall writing skills. Students learn Bengali Rachana at the initial level of primary section. Then after that students have to upgrade their writing quality with advance classes to improve their knowledge and writing. Students of all education boards including CBSE, ICSE have to learn Bengali Rachana who choose Bengali as a language in their academic learning. Though students of west Bengal board who study Bengali as their first language and continue their entire education in Bengali medium learn Bengali Rachana from the initial level. In the present article we will explain about the importance of Bengalirachona for the overall learning of students. We will also describe the needs of studying rachona based on different sections which are important from exam perspective and personal knowledge. Students will score better is if they follow the rules and techniques of rachona entirely. They can include their own style and language in rachona for producing an enriched version of language. We have provided the lists of all sections for Bengali Rachana which are helpful for students of class 6 to class 12 from all boards.

Bigyan sangkrato rachona:

In the modern world, almost everything is technology based that we see around us. In the first paced lifestyle we have to depend on science and technology for each aspects starting from education to production and delivery. Science and technology is such a blessing to us which bring innovative discoveries constantly over time. With the advancement our living becomes so smooth and comfortable through the advantages. We have provided the list of all Bengali Rachana related to science and technology that we have experienced and about to experience in future. Students of all classes from 6-12 will find out rachona for their classes specifically where they will get deep information about scientific knowledge and application in our daily life.

Rachona about Bengal:

It is important to know all about Bengal when a student learn deeply about Bengali language. Through learning Bengalirachona students can know all about Bengal which are important part of their syllabus of Bengalirachona too. In the section we have provided all rachona related to Bengal and its people like seasons of Bengal, festivals of Bengal, famous sports of Bengal, Bengali culture, history etc. which are significant for learning.

Samprotik ghatonaboli:

Samprotikghatonaboli or current affairs is an important part of our daily living and learning.  We all must know about what is happening around us daily to be undated over time. Some current affairs have even direct and indirect effects on the living of people. So, we must be aware of it and grasp the knowledge from Bengali Rachana about it. Students will find rachona about any current affairs like international meeting, international defence exercise, inflation, pandemic disease, war, cooperation with neighbour countries, and any national news which are worth knowing and mentioning in academics. All students of class 6-12 will find these Bengali Rachana collection helpful sources for upgrading their knowledge.

Monishider jiboni:

We can always learn something great by reading the biographies or autobiographies of famous persons, poets, freedom fighters, philosophers. We can understand their views and opinions about life which inspire us to focus more on ourselves and our aims. Their stories about life struggles and achievements are great sources of motivation to us. For that we have included biographies of great persons as Bengali Rachana which are required for all classes of students from 6-12.


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We have provided the individual lists for all classes which they will find easily category wise. From the list they will find the rachona according to their requirements which we have arranged sequentially. We are hopeful that students will be greatly benefitted by the Bengali Rachana resources and score well in their upcoming exams. Besides that it will also help their knowledge growth and self-development in rachona writing.


  1. For which classes Bengali Rachana has been provided here?

Answer. Students from class 6-12 will find Bengali Rachana of all important categories of their syllabus here in this article.

  1. What is Bengali Rachana?

Answer. Bengali Rachana means Bengali essay which students have to write in sectional parts for explain any given topic in a perfectly understandable way.