District wise Govt. Schools in Kerala

Schools and colleges are primary choices of every parent so as to see their kids getting educated and becoming a person of their choices, making decisions and owning their lives. As our state Kerala is considered, we have held the record of highest literacy rate since a long time making us a hub of education and beautiful institutes to study in.

government schools in kerala

Below are various types of Government as well as private schools where you can enroll your kids and help them live a better life with educated minds and best of the teachers.

Government schools

Government schools in kerela are a top priority as the teacher’s teaching there have cleared various government exams and various rounds of selection making them one the best in their fields. The fee structure, sports facilities, sports and arts competitions, exam and other circulars are decided by the state/national board allowing parents to check everything within one click.

We assure you about all the details provided here about the government schools in Kerela has been checked and confirmed and you all can check the information of your desire here.

Government Schools in Ernakulam

Government Schools in Idukki 

Government Schools in Kasaragod

Government Schools in Kottayam

Government Schools in Kozhikode

Government Schools in Malappuram

Government Schools in Palakkad

Government Schools in Thrissur

Government Schools in Wayanad

  • Private schools

Private schools in kerela are very famous and provide one of the best facilities for each kid opting for it. The fee structure is a bit higher than the government ones, but the level of facilities provided here are high too. From sports facilities to academic to arts and culture, everything is developed and supported by the school and its staff. The teachers in private schools are selected by the school board which organizes tough selection process making teachers highly knowledgeable and competitive.

We assure you about all the details of private schools provided here has been checked and confirmed making us a reliable source of information for all the content needed.

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  • Contact details

Every school has its unique email, phone number of office to call and collect data, location and everything. We have listed these details below every school making it easy for our readers to collect information as soon as you click on the school name you want your child to be enrolled in.

  • Location

As mentioned in the thumbnail only, all the schools listed below are in kerela only and you can check the locality by looking at the address. You can also check Google maps for the particular school that matches your child’s needs.

  • Conclusion

Education is one important life aspect where a student transforms its learning brain to application brain. To make sure your child is not left behind, enroll your child now and avail all the information with us. We suggest you to go through each school and its information to make sure nothing is left behind and you choose the best for your child