MSBSHSE Textbooks for Classes 1 to 12th

MSBSHSE textbooks are sanctioned and approved by the MSBSHSE board for all the classes. Their content is written and approved on the basis of the MSBSHSE syllabus prepared and is used for the teaching, learning and for the preparation of the examinations. We believe in environmental damage control and money saving and therefore, we have made access to the MSBSHSE textbooks from Classes 6th to 12th quite easy. Below are the links for easy access of MSBSHSE textbooks which can easily be downloaded in pdf format. These books are related to Maths, Science, English. Hindi and Social Studies.

Class 6 MSBSHSE Textbook PDF

Class 6th MSBSHSE textbooks for Class 6th are in pdf format with great quality. You can download the pdf books for Maths, Science, English, Hindi and Social Studies below.

Class VI MSBSHSE Textbook Mathematics

Class VI MSBSHSE Textbook Science

Class 7 MSBSHSE Textbook PDF

With growth in standard, the syllabus and the textbook pages seem tedious. Download the pdf format for MSBSHSE textbooks for Class 7th and free yourself with the huffle of handing fat textbooks.

Class VII MSBSHSE Textbook Mathematics

Class VII MSBSHSE Textbook Science

Class 8 MSBSHSE Textbook PDF

You can lean on us for your easy access to MSBSHSE textbooks for Class 8 in pdf format. Download the textbooks for MSBSHSE Class 8th.

Class VIII MSBSHSE Textbook Mathematics

Class VIII MSBSHSE Textbook Science

Class 9 MSBSHSE Textbook PDF

Class 9th MSBSHSE textbooks are available on our site in pdf format for your easy access.

Class IX MSBSHSE Textbook Mathematics

Class IX MSBSHSE Textbook Science

Class 10 MSBSHSE Textbook PDF

MSBSHSE Class 10th HSC examinations depend a lot on your constant reading and analysing of your chapters. Many times, the books provided by the board are not easily available in the market and so, the best solution relies on resorting to the pdfs of the textbooks.

Class X MSBSHSE Textbook Mathematics

Class X MSBSHSE Textbook Science

Class 11 MSBSHSE Textbook Stream Wise PDF

Class 11th MSBSHSE textbooks for Class 11th are easily available on our site and are categorized stream wise. Click on the links below for easy access of the MSBSHSE textbooks for Class 11th.

Class XI MSBSHSE Textbooks For Arts (All Subjects)

Class XI MSBSHSE Textbooks For Science (All Subjects)

Class XI MSBSHSE Textbooks For Commerce (All Subjects)

Class 12 MSBSHSE Textbook Stream Wise PDF

SSC examinations for Class 12th not only require memorization, but constant reading. What if you could have your book at hand all the time, without tolerating its bulk. Download the MSBSHSE textbooks for Class 12th for all the streams. 

Class XII MSBSHSE Textbooks For Arts (All Subjects)
Class XII MSBSHSE Textbooks For Science (All Subjects)
Class XII MSBSHSE Textbooks For Commerce (All Subjects)

 The textbooks are prepared with the given syllabus. Students are instructed to go through the syllabus and the textbooks for better results.