CBSE Class 6 Science Notes For All Chapter

CBSE Class 6 Science Notes – All Chapter

Class 6th is a major step towards the learning process of a student’s life. Our website wants you to join us and help your kid with greatest of knowledge and a great hold on 6h Class CBSE Notes .As we all know science is a very vast and difficult subject and yet nobody has mastered at. We as a creator of this website want everyone to gain knowledge and trust the institution of education. We will try to cover everything which concerns the growth of nurturing brains. We as a team will always try to provide you with the newest information regarding the field of science and are abide to do that with sheer concern and responsibility as our main domain of work will be towards the youth. Providing facts with history, study materials for Olympiads and CBSE examinations, we will try to provide everything a student needs for a better future. This website provides detailed knowledge about CBSE and NCERT textbooks, CBSE notes of class 6th science.

The topics that will be covered by our website are:

  • 1- Detailed  6th class notes of CBSE textbooks
  • 2- Key words of science
  • 3- PDF of chapters, notes and of CBSE notes
  • 4- Summary with detailed explanation and doubt box
  • 5- Expert doubt solvers
  • 6- Worksheets on topics
  • 7- Question papers with answers
  • 8- Topper’s answers
  • 9- Direct interaction with sea of students for learning
  • 10- Expert notes with deep knowledge of subject

Creation of this website helped what the vast platform of internet lacked and we bring you the one station to all problems regarding your queries in science. We hope to see more people studying and making this nation proud by going in various fields of science. Creating this platform which will change the learning experience of students made us extremely happy and we welcome you to this website. May the growing learners create more opportunities and more space for intellectual growth.

These notes are specifically based on 6th Class CBSE Textbook and holds great importance for students trying to excel.


CBSE Class 6 Science Notes – Chapter wise Notes



As father of modern science ,Galileo Galilee once said ” I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use” We should also use our brains to succeed in life that god gave us.

Class 6TH CBSE Notes will act as a roadmap for students for their last minute revision before exams. The notes provided are of simple words with explanative version and easy to grasp language.

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