Telangana SCERT Class 6 Social Studies Solution Chapter 19 Language, Writing and Great Books

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VI (6) Social Studies Chapter 19 Language, Writing and Great Books.

( 1 ) What is the importance of languages ?

Language plays an essential part in our lives. Language not only enables our thinking process but also helps us to comprehend. Languagehelps in communicating with one another. It also facilitates in broadening our learning process. It is also used for the purpose of playing . It is not possible for us to execute any of the things without the constant support of language. Firstly, language contributes in organizing and planning our own task in an effective manner. Secondly, language also helps in drawing the attention of other peopleand command them to execute certain task. Therefore, language is extremely essential for creating a better understanding of the surrounding world.

( 2 ) How can you say that Arya Bhatta was the father of astronomy ?

In earlier days , people thought that the secrets of the whole universe were contained in the stars , planets , sun and moon and these could be understood only with careful observation and accurate calculation of their movements. ‘Aryabhattiyan ‘ refers to a book which was written by Arya Bhatta. In this book, he stated that the causation of day and night is possible only due to the rotation of the Earth and he rejected the idea of sun’s revolution around the Earth . Earlier , people did not support his perspective. Due to this reason, he was considered as the father of astronomy.

( 3 ) Differentiate between Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita .

There were many people in earlier days , who studied several topics related to illness, healing and medication. They were indulged in the process of preparing medicines with the help of herbs. They also wrote several books related to these medicines and effective ways to maintain life in a healthy manner. Charaka Samhita is regarded as one such prominent books . Sushruta Samhita is another book which emphasizes on the surgical procedure. These books depicted the base of Ayurveda , the ancient system of medicine and effective health condition. They not only contributed in enhancing the knowledge about differentmedicines but they also enabled people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

( 4 ) Mention a few inventions in Mathematics.

The decimal number system , place value system and number writing system was also adopted by Arya Bhatta and other mathematician of earlier times,  the manner in which we execute in present times.  In earlier times, CII was written asone hundred and two and CXXVII was written asone hundred twenty seven. In this way , Roman used to write in the earlier days. Without the presence of zero , it was quite difficult to execute the process of addition. In present times, it is possible for us to write this as 102 or 127 , only with the help of the decimal system and place value system. In contemporary times, this number writing system is used all over the world.

( 5 ) Look at the currency note and write down the different scripts on them. Identify the language. Is the same script used for different languages? Which are they ?

Currency notes are comprised of total fifteen languages. All these languages can be seen on the panel when the note is turned on the opposite side.So, the languages that are seen on the opposite side of the notes are Gujrati, Bengali, Assamese, kashmiri, kannada, Malayalam, konkani, Nepali, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, Sanskrit and Urdu. The Arabic script as the name suggests, refers to those script from wherethe Urdu script is acclimated and is used for the purpose of writing Urdu language. There is another very eminent script which is known by the name of the Devanagari script.  This script is primarily used for the purpose of writing several languages such as Nepalese and Indian languages.

( 6 ) Refer to any general knowledge book, list out and tabulate five great books in Telugu language and other languages .

Srihari is the name of the author who have written one of the most eminent book like Maha Prasthanam, Baddena is the name of the author, who have written one of the most notable book like Sumathi Satakam, Chalam is the name of the author, who have written a famous book like Maidanam, Sri Ramana is the name of another author, who have written one of the most prominent book like Midhunam, Gurajada is the name of the author, who have written apopular book like Kanyasulkam. So, these are the list of five great books that are written in Telugu language.

( 7 ) How did the work done in various fields by the ancient Indian scientists inspire the present time scientists ?

The scientists in today’s world have been greatly inspired by the works that have been done by the ancient Indian scientists in multiple spheres. The Indian society is widely known for its great advancement in scientific and technological fields. India is well known for it’s active participation in the scientific and technological sphere , even before the foundation of the modern lab . This clearly portrays that technological advancement was readily visible in ancient times. The development of multiple techniques and hypothesis by the ancient Indian scientists have contributed in amelioratingthe scientific and technological field in present times.

( 9 ) Read the para under the title ,  ‘The great Epics’ , on page 165 and comment on it.

Epic mainly refers to a heroic poem which helps in describing the legendary figures and heroic acts. They also contributes in narrating the occurrence of conflicts between good and iniquitous , ‘ dhamma ‘and ‘adharma’. Each country possesses it’s own epicsand the Ramayana and Mahabharata are considered to be the two most eminent epics in India.The Ramayana not only portrays the story of Rama and Sita but it also helps in describing the fight that took place between Rama and Ravana. The Ramayana also plays an essential role in depicting an ideal human being. In Sanskrit literature, this epic is regarded as the first Kavya , which was composed by Valmiki.

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