Telangana SCERT Class 6 Social Studies Solution Chapter 21 Greenery in Telangana

Telangana SCERT Solution Class VI (6) Social Studies Chapter 21 Greenery in Telangana.

( 1 ) Why it is necessary to increase the greenery in Telangana?

In 1998, National Forest Policy of India has stated that the minimum forest cover should be about 33% of the total land area, in order the maintain the balance of the ecological system. It performs an essential role for the subsistence of all living beings. But due to rapid deforestation, the present forest cover in Telangana stands at only 24% of the total geographical area. Therefore, this has resulted in insufficient rainfall and corresponding problem of water scarcity. The destruction of the forests leads to the displacement of wild animals . So, this forces them to leave their own place and move out for the purpose of finding shelter. Owing to this reason, a massive plantation programme has been initiated by the Telangana government with a goal of increasing the forest cover by over 33% of the total land area. In order to attain this goal, the state has decided to plant 230 crores of seedlings. So, these are the following reasons due to  which it is essential to increase the greenery in Telangana.

( 2 ) What are the uses of forests ?

Forests are considered as an essential renewable resources . They not only performs an essential role in producing oxygen but they also contributes in maintaining the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere . We acquire many essential goods from forests like timber, paper and medical plants . There is a remarkable contribution of forests in our life, without its presence, it will be extremely difficult for us to maintain our sustenance. Forest trees plays a significant role in protecting the soil from the scorching heat of the sun. Forest trees also plays an important role in releasing water to the atmosphere by undergoing the process of transpiration. Trees performs an essential role in absorbing and storing huge quantity of water with the aid of their roots. As we all know that, human beings intake oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide. During the process of photosynthesis, these carbon dioxide are absorbed by the trees and in turn releases oxygen that is essential for our survival. Therefore, these are the several points which clearly portrays the significance of forests .

3 ) Suggest a few measures to protect the plants.

Firstly, natural pesticides should be used, which in turn will render protection to the plants. Secondly, the plants should be watered on a regular basis because it will contribute in enhancing the structural support of the plants. Thirdly, mulch should be added, because it not only aids in enhancing the fertility of the soil but it also contributes in rendering few essential nutrients to the plants. Fourthly, afforestation should be encouraged to a great extent . As, afforestation plays a significant role in maintaining the balance of the ecological system. Lastly, one should plant as many trees as possible in their locality. As, planting trees can contribute in enhancing the condition of our natural environment.

4 ) How are trees on both sides of the roads helpful to us ?

Trees not only performs an essential role in absorbing several harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and other global warming gases that are emitted from the vehicles but it also helps in giving oxygen that is necessary for the survival of human beings .  Owing to this reason, it is extremely essential to plant trees on both sides of the roads. Furthermore, it also contributes in averting the occurrence of global warming . If trees are planted on both sides of the road , then it can protect us from the scorching heat of the sun with the help of its shade.  Trees also acts as an effective barrier against noise pollution. As, it helps in absorbing the sound waves , thus reducing the sound pollution to a considerable extent. In short , trees aids in enhancing the beauty of the road .

5 ) Collect news paper clippings , showing the news related to planting saplings and make an album.

In green campaign mission, 250 million saplings have been planted by the Indians. With an aim of enhancing the forest area, the tree planting campaign has been executed by the Indians in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This campaign has been primarily designed for the purpose of contesting climate change. Furthermore, several volunteers have participated in this campaign of planting numerous saplings. In the next five years , their main goal was to increase the forest cover by over 15% of the total geographical area. Planting trees can contribute in maintaining the balance of our ecological system. Trees play an important role in reducing pollution and improves the quality of our environmental surroundings. Without the presence of trees, we will be deprived of many essential resources. For this reason, planting trees is considered as an extremely important step, which in turn provides us with innumerable benefits.

( 6 ) How is vanamahotsavam conducted recently in your locality ?

Vanamahotsavam is mainly a festival that is celebrated each year with an aim of planting numerous trees because trees play a significant role in enhancing the quality of our natural ecosystem. Planting trees can contribute in decreasing the occurrence of global warming and can also help in averting pollution. For this reason, vanamahotsavam is conducted every year in our locality. All the members of our locality participates in this festival by planting saplings. As, trees helps in maintaining the balance of our ecological system. Without it’s presence, it would not be possible for us to maintain our sustenance.

( 7 ) Create a few slogans on afforestation.

Deforestation should be stopped immediately and afforestation should be started effectively. The tress should be managed with tremendous amount of care instead of making them rare. A life is destroyed, if a tree is demolished. Trees will act as a protective shield, if we protect them too.  Trees will serve our need, if we are conscious about our deed. If we chop down forest, then our subsequent generation have to face the unrest.  So, these are some of the few slogans on afforestation.

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