Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 6 Science 15th Chapter Air Around Us Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Solution Class 6 – Air Around Us Exercise Solution Here in details.

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

(1) Nitrogen and Oxygen

(2) Gas

(3) Oxygen

(4) Carbon di Oxide , Methane

(5) Atmosphere

(6) (a) False

(b) False

(7) Oxygen

(8) Oxygen

(9) Nitrogen

(10) Oxygen is necessary for burning things

(11) Oxygen

(12) Carbon Di Oxide

(13) Photosynthesis

(14) Sailing boat, Parachutes, Gliders, Aero planes.

(15) (a) atmosphere

(b) carbon di oxide

(c) dust

(d) oxygen

(e) pollen; seeds

Short Answer Type Questions:

(16) Water Vapour and water condenses on a cold surface to form drops of a liquid.

A substance which don’t have shape as having free molecules called liquid.

(17) When a burning candle is covered with a gas jar, then the fresh supply of air to the candle is cut off and hence it stops burning.

(18) Oxygen is replaced in the atmosphere by the plants as they prepare food (photosynthesis).

(19) The carbon dioxide of air being consumed by plants in photosynthesis is constantly being put back into air by the respiration of animals and plants as well as by the burning of fuels by human beings.

(20) This is because, the bottle is filled with air.

(21) A burning candle stops burning after sometime when covered with an inverted gas jar as is covered with a gas jar, then the candle takes the oxygen necessary for burning from the air enclosed in the gas jar. Since only a small amount of air is present inside the gas jar, all its oxygen is used up in a short time and when all the oxygen of air inside the gas jar is used up then the burning candle gets extinguished.

(22) Animals that live in soil get oxygen for breathing from the air around them.

(23) Roots of land plants get oxygen for respiration from the air present in spaces between the soil particles.

(24) The aquatic animals use the oxygen dissolved in water for breathing or respiration.

(25) A woolen blanket is put around the burning clothes because then the supply of oxygen to the burning clothes is cut off and hence the cloths stop burning.

(26) This is because there is no free oxygen in sea water which can be used by the drivers for breathing.

(27) The importance of carbon Di Oxide for living things are following:-

(a) Green plants need carbon di oxide gas to make food.

(b) All the food which animals eat is made from carbon di oxide gas of the air.

(28) The importance of water vapour as the presence of water vapour in air is important for the working of water cycle in nature.

(29) Policeman regulating traffic often wears mask to protect himself from smoke emitted by vehicles around him.

(30) Smoke consists of fine carbon particles and some gases.

Smoke is produced by the burning of fuels.

The tall chimneys in factories are installed to take the smoke produced in the factory high up in the air so as to reduce its harmful effects on the ground.

(31) This is because fine hair and mucus are present inside the nose to prevent dust particles from entering into our respiratory system whereas if we breath through our mouth then the dust particles present in the air enter our respiratory system and damage our health.

(32) We take an empty bottle and hold it in the inverted position now submerged it in the water, we can observe that water does not enter into the bottle as it is filled with air.

(33) This is because this process cut off the supply of fresh air (oxygen) to the burning clothes and hence the cloths stop burning.

(34) This is due to, when we cover the burning coal with a vessel, then the supply of oxygen of fresh air to the burning coal is cut off and in the absence of oxygen of air, the coal stop burning.

(35) This is because air present in the cotton wool escapes. Thus the volume of the cotton wool decreases.

(36) Burrows and holes dug deep into soil by the animals which live inside the soil as the fresh air (oxygen) can enter.

(37) Plants need nitrogen because the plants use nitrogen gas of the air to make proteins.

(38) The dust particles come into air from a number of sources such as wind, traffic on the roads, dusting at home, earth moving operations, construction activities and agricultural practices.

(39) The five uses of air as follows:

(a) air is used by human beings for breathing.

(b) air is used for burning fuels to make fire.

(c) Air helps in the dispersal of seeds and pollen of flowers of several plants.

(d) Air helps in the movement of sailing boats, parachutes, gliders and aeroplanes.

(e) Air plays an important role in the water cycle in nature.

(40) Blowing air is called wind.

Three uses of windmills: (a) To draw water by running pumps (b) to run floor mills (c) To generate electricity.

Long Answer Type Questions:

(41) Air is a mixture of several gases.

Composition of Air:

Nitrogen 78%
Oxygen 21%
Carbon Di Oxide, Water vapour, Other Gases and Dust Particles 01%

Two Important Properties of Air are as follows:

(a) Air is colorless, tasteless and odourless gaseous substance.

(b) air has mass

(c) Air occupies space.

(42) Air is present in a bottle which appears to be empty.

Earthworms comes out of the soil during heaving rains because in this time all the spaces in soil which contained air get filled by rainwater leaving no air in the soil for earthworms to breathe in. Due to this the earthworms comes out for breathing.

(43) Respiration by animals and plants, and the burning of fuels by human beings uses oxygen from air and puts carbon di oxide into air. On the other hand, photosynthesis by plants uses carbon di oxide from air and puts back oxygen into air. In this way plants and animals maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon di oxide gases in air.

(44). Check the Activity in Book.

(45) The envelope of air that surrounds the earth is called atmosphere.

This is because the air of atmosphere provides oxygen gas for breathing by all the living organisms including us.

Mountaineers carry oxygen cylinders with them while climbing high mountaineers as we go higher up in the atmosphere the amount of air become less and less. The air at the top of very high mountains is so thin that it does not have enough oxygen for the people to breathe properly.

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