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Air is Important to Us

Air is Important to Us Air used as breathing purpose which is too essential for human beings. Water cycle have main role of Air. It can convert step by step and complete water cycle. Air is used for generate electricity with the help of water. Air helps to flying birds. Even kites are also fly […]

Availability of oxygen to Plants

Availability of oxygen to Plants Plants are natural helping agent of living earth. Plants take unwanted carbon dioxide from air and decrease suffocation or as well say absorb global warming gas. It is an interdependent chain in between plant and animals. Someone is out the thing second one is observe that things. Due to this […]


We live in atmosphere. For all living things some basic things is important to survive like air, water, sunlight, etc. These are basic needs of living things. In this chapter we will start to learning about AIR in brief. Air in constantly present in our surrounding. If air can present in movable form it called […]