Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 6 Science Second Chapter Components of Food Part – I Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 6 Science Second Chapter Components of Food Part – I Solution

Components of Food Part – I

Lakhmir Singh and Manjit kaur Class 6 Science Solution – Components of Food: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Roughage (Dietary Fibre); Tests for Food Nutrients: Carbohydrate (Starch), Fat (oil) and Proteins; Balanced Diet ; Dependence of Diet on Age and Occupation; Wasteful Pre-Cooking and Cooking Practices; Deficiency Diseases : Protein and Carbohydrate Deficiency Diseases (Kwashiorkar, Marasmus); Vitamin Deficiency Diseases (Night Blindness, Scurvy, rickets) and Mineral deficiency diseases (Rickets, cretinism, Goitre, Anaemia)

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

(1) Ans: Carbohydrate.

(2) Ans: Protein.

(3) Ans: Rice.

(4) Ans: Starch.

(5) Ans: Milk and Oil.

(6) Ans: Vitamin.

(7) Ans: Vitamin (A)

(8) Ans: Vitamin (C)

(9) Ans: Vitamin (D)

(10) Ans: Vitamin (D)

(11) Ans: i. oranges- Vitamin C

  1. Carrot- Vitamin (A)

(12) Ans: (A) Apple- Iron

(B) Sea fish- Iodine.

(13) Ans: Iron

(14) Ans: Phosphorus

(15) Ans: Calcium

(16) Ans: Iodine.

(17) Ans: Fresh fruits and vegetables.

(18) Ans:  Roughage (Dietary Fibre).

(19) Ans: Dietary Fibre.

(20) Ans: Roughage.

(21) Ans: Cellulose.

(22) Ans: Water, Roughage.

(23) Iron is an important constituent of _______ present in our blood.

Ans: Haemoglobin

Short Answer Type Questions:

(24) Ans: Fats provide us twice as much energy as that provided by the same amount of carbohydrate.

Name three sources of fats are: Butter, Ghee, Milk.

(25) Ans: (A) Butter – Fat, (b) Potatoes- Carbohydrates , (c) Chapatti- Carbohydrate, Fish- Proteins, e. Sugar- Carbohydrates.

(26) Ans: Carbohydrates and Fats are energy giving food

Example: Cereals (like wheat, Rice Maize), Honey.

(27) Ans: (A) The two sources of plant fats are Oil and Soybean.

(B) The two sources of animal fats are Butter, Ghee.

(28) Ans: Proteins are body building food

Give two examples of body building food are- Milk, Cheese.

(29) Ans: Proteins are needed for growth and repair of our body.

Example of five food items which are rich in proteins are- Milk, Cheese, Pulses, Beans, Soyabeen.

(30) Ans: Two sources of plant proteins are- Soyabeen and Groundnut.

Two sources of animal proteins are Milk, Cheese.

(31) Ans: Vitamin B1 is essential for growth and proper functioning of the digestive system.

Two sources of vitamin B1 are Milk, eggs.

(32) Ans: Iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which controls the growth of the body.

Two sources of iodine   in our diet are Fruits and vegetables.

(33) Ans: Iron is needed to make hemoglobin present in red blood cells.

Two sources of food material rich in Iron are Spinach, Other green leafy vagetables.

(34) Ans: Vitamin C is necessary for keeping teeth, gums and joins healthy. Vitamin C also increases the resistance of our body to infection and helps to fight disease.

Two food materials which are rich in vitamin C are Orannge, Amla.

(35) Ans: Vitamin D is necessary for the normal growth of bones and teeth.

Two sources of vitamin D are Milk, Fish.

(36) Ans: Our body needs minerals for its proper functioning, normal growth and good health. Minerals are needed to build bones and teeth, formation of blood, coagulation of blood and functioning of muscles.

(37) Ans: Calcium is needed for making bones and teeth.

Five important food items which are rich in calcium are Milk, Cheese.

Long Answer Type Questions:

(38) Ans: All the components of our food are : Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamin, Minerals, Water, Roughage.

The function of carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy to our body.

Three sources of carbohydrates are Potato, Sweet Potato,  Sugar.

(39) Ans: Vitamins are necessary for good eyesight, healthy teeth, gums and bones, proper digestion, normal growth and good health.

The function of Vitamin A- Vitamin A is necessary for good eyesight, healthy skin and hair.

Two food items which Vitamin A is found- Green vegetable and Mango.

(40) Ans: Water provides a liquid in which other substance can dissolve and move within the body or eliminated from the body.

We get most of the water that our body needs by drinking water, milk, tea, coffee, and juice et(c)

(41) Ans: Roughage is the fibrous matter in food which cannot be digested.

Name two sources of roughage in our food are- Fruits and Vagetables.

Multiple Choice Questions:

(42) Ans: (d) starch

(43) Ans: (b) proteins

(44) Ans: (a) A

(45) Ans: (a) A

(46) Ans: (c) milk

(47) Ans: (b) iodine

(48) Ans: (c) iron

(49) Ans: (d) Vitamin C

(50) Ans: (c) to release energy

(51) Ans: (d) vitamin D

(52) Ans: (b) cellulose

(53) Ans: (c) vitamin D

(54) Ans: (a) iodine

(55) Ans: (c) fish

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