Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 6 Science 13th Chapter Fun With Magnets Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Solution Class 6 Science Fun With Magnets Solution Here.

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

(1) It will swinging until its one end points towards the north pole of earth and the other towards the south pole of the earth.

(2) Compass.

(3) Magnetite.

(4) Nickel and Cobalt.

(5) Iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt are magnetic  material.

(6) Steel Blade.

(7) Steel, Iron, nickel, cobalt can be removed by using a magnet.

(8) Aluminium, Copper, Wood.

(9) Poles.

(10) To find a direction of a place compass is used.

(11) North-south direction.

(12) North

(13) (a) Repulsion

(b) Attraction.

(14) (a) North Pole and south pole  (b) North Pole and North Pole, South Pole and South Pole

(15) Any object made of iron or steel.

(16) Iron bar A.

(17) Bar magnet.

(18) Magnets are used.

(19) Such a sticker contain with magnet to hold objects.

(20) The magnet attached to a crane is being used to separate discarded iron and steel objects from a heap of waste materials.

(21) Door bells, Fans.

(22) A pinholder contain with magnet to make the pins stick to it.

(23) Iron or steel.

(24) (a) False

(b) False

(c) False

(d) False

(e) True

(f) True

(g) False

(h) True

(i) True

(j) True

(25) (a) magnetite

(b) magnetic, magnetic

(c) two

(d) poles

(e) like, unlike

(f) pole, same

Short Answer Type Questions:

(26) Magnet is an object which attracts things made3 of iron, steel, nickel and cobalt.

Magnet are made of iron, steel or other alloys of iron.

(27)  Artificial magnet are made of different shapes i.e. horseshoe magnet, U-shaped magnet, Cylindrical magnet, Button magnet, Ring magnet.

(28) (a) Two material which are attracted by a magnet Iron and Steel.

(b) Two material which are not attracted by a magnet are wood, Aluminum.

(29) Magnetic material: Knife blade, Copper wire, Iron nail, Paper clip.

Non magnetic: Plastic button, Aluminum spoon, Brass utensil, Rubber eraser, safety pin, Pencil.

(30) By using the magnet the nails and screw back from the wood shaving.

(31)  The magnetic material attracted by the magnet.

(a) nickel is attracted by the magnet.

(b) Plastic is nit attracted by the magnet.

(c)  Iron is attracted by the magnet.

(32) (a) The north pole of one magnet repeals the north pole of other magnet.

(b) North pole of one magnet attracts the south pole of another magnet.

(33) They will just away each other because their like poles (north poles) being on the same slide will repeal each other. Similarly their other poles- south poles will also be on the same slide at the other end and hence repeal each other.

(34) (a) Repelling, Their like poles (S poles) are facing each other.

(b) Attracting, Their unlike poles (S and N poles) are facing each other.

(c) Repelling, Their like poles (N poles) are facing each other.

(35) (a) We should never heat a magnet over a burner.

(b) We should never hit a magnet with a hammer.

(c) We should never drop a magnet on the floor.

(36) The horseshoe type magnets are stored properly just by keeping a bar of soft iron across their ends. Since a horseshoe magnet has both its poles (N pole and S pole) on the same side, so one horseshoe magnet requires only one soft iron bar for its proper storage. Thus horseshoe magnets are stored singly and not in pairs.

(37) Iron filling mainly stick to the poles of the magnet. It shows magnet attracts metals.

(38) The steel bar is brought near a magnet, and we can see that steel bar can easily attract the magnet.

(39) The various ways in which magnets can lose their magnetism are following:-

(i) By heat the magnet over a burner.

(ii) By hit a magnet with a hammer.

(iii) Drop the magnet over the floor.

(iv) Not store the magnet properly.

(40) Two properties of magnet are:-

(i) A freely suspended magnet always points in the north-south direction.

(ii) Like magnetic poles repeal each other, unlike magnetic poles attract each other.

To uses of magnet are following:-

(i) Magnets are used to hold objects like stickers, fridge doors, lids, pins etc.)

(ii) Magnets are used for making compass.

Long Answer Type Questions:

(41) Those material which are attracted by a magnet are called magnetic material.

Example: iron, cobalt.

Those material which are not attracted by a magnet are called non magnetic material.

Example: Paper, Thermocol.

(42) The regions of a magnet where the attraction of magnet is strongest are called poles of the magnet.

The poles of a bar magnet located near its free ends.

(43) A freely suspended magnet always points in North south direction. The end of the magnet which points towards the south direction is called south pole of the magnet. In this way we will find out which end is the south pole.

(44) The compass is an instrument to find the directions at a place.

The construction of compass with the help of labelled sketch is on the books.

Compass is used to find direction like a soldier used compass in the jungle to find direction for their movement.

(45) There are various ways of making magnet. Like example stroking method. If we stroke an iron bar with one pole of a bar magnet repeatedly in the same direction, the iron bar becomes a magnet. We need two things to make a magnet an iron bar and a bar magnet.

Levelled sketch

Answer on Page No. 205 at books.

Thank you.

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