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Saturated and unsaturated solution

Saturated and unsaturated solution Saturated solution can perform with salt and water of any salt phase and liquid solvent. When solution having no more capacity to add solute particles in it this is called as saturated solution. It has maximum quantity of solute particles. When solution has ability to accept more solute particles in it […]


Sublimation Sublimation means substance directly converted in gaseous form. Those substances convert in gaseous form this is called as sublimate. Sublimation is also one kind of separation technique which we can use to separate solid-solid homogeneous mixture which is difficult to separate from one another. In that mixture, one has property to sublimate so one […]


Centrifugation Centrifugation is a method which can separate the solid particle from liquid. A small tiny solid particle which can pass through sieve or filtration technique also this kind of minute particle can separate through centrifugation. Centrifugation machine is one kind of our kitchen mixer. Due to rotational motion heavier particle can settle down in […]

Separating funnel

Separating funnel Separating funnel is used to separate immiscible liquid- liquid solution. These processes perform when two or more than two liquids having different density. Due to this differentiation in liquids we can separate them easily. Firstly pour the liquid solution in separating funnel, then according to density less dense liquid is float in upper […]

Fractional distillation

Fractional distillation Fractional distillation is near about same like distillation. This process is done when mixture is miscible liquids. It performs when liquids having nearest boiling point. This process is helpful to separate raw crude oil. Apparatus is quietly same like distillation process few complex arrangement is present in fractional distillation. Question 1) how you […]


Distillation Distillation is a technique to separate two or more than two liquids according to their boiling point. Especially those liquids have more difference in boiling point. In this technique firstly heated the mixture then if liquid has lowest boiling point it get separate or evaporate the first. After that this steam vapour is passing […]

Evaporation and Process

Evaporation and Process Evaporation means conversion of liquid into vapour (air). Evaporation process is used to separate solid particles which are dissolving in liquid solvent. Evaporation process used to separate out miscible mixture which containing two or more than two kind of salts. In this process mixture heating is necessary. When that respected mixture is […]


Filtration In filtration process, insoluble impurities are separated from the solution. We can use filter paper to perform this process. Let’s check with example, In our daily life, we take tea daily, when tea granules is completely boil in water we pour this solution in sieve and filter that solution with that sieve and get […]

Sedimentation and decantation

Sedimentation and decantation We unable to separate the solid liquid mixture with hand easily so, we apply this process on respected mixture and perform separation technique. Sedimentation is suspended particles. Sedimentation process is performing in insoluble substances. In sedimentation process heavier particles settle down in bottom due to Gravity effect. That settle down particles is […]

Magnetic separation

Magnetic separation Magnetic Separation done with the help magnet. Magnetic material attracts to magnet pole and non-magnetic substance will be separate out. This technique mostly use in purification of metals from their ores. It may be used in industries, chemical and many more. For understanding this process we take example here. For example, we can […]