Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 6 Science 16th Chapter Garbage In Garbage Out Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Solution Class 6 Garbage In, Garbage Out Exercise Solution sequentially here.

Very Short Type Questions:

(1) Red worms

(2) a. Plastic, Glass b. Plants, animal waste

(3) Plastic and Metal waste

(4) Gizzard

(5) Plastic and Glass.

(6) Vermicompost

(7) Biodegradable

(8) Redworms.

(9) Blue and Green

(10) Useful component and Useless component.

(11) Composting.

(12) a. redworms b. garbage.

Short Answer Type Questions:

(13) Can rot when Buried in ground: Paper bag, Vegetable peels, Tea Leaves.

Can not rot when buried in the ground- Polythene bag, Aluminium bag, Broken glass.

(14) It is better to use compost (or vermicompost) instead of chemical fertilizers as it quiet cheap and it is a natural fertilizer which does not harm the soil.

(15) The various kinds of waste or garbage which can be used for making vermicompost are the kitchen garbage containing fruit and vegetable peels, left over cooked food, tea leaves, green leaves, dried stalks, hush, pieces of paper or newspaper, cardboard etc.

(16) No, we can not add plastic coated paper in the vermicomposting pit.

(17) The hard particles of egg shells or sea shells help the redworms in grinding their food in the gizzard.

(18) The kitchen waste containing salt, pickles, oil, vinegar, milk and meat preparations not be added as food for redworms in the compost pit because if we put these things in the pit, then disease causing microorganisms will start growing in the pit.

(19) I choose banana leaf plate because after using when throw it, plastic can’t rot whereas banana leaf plate can rot in nature.

(20) The difference between composting and vermicomposting are as follows :

Composting Vermicomposting
(1) The rotted plant and animal waste (including that form kitchen) used as a manure for growing plants is called compost. (1) The method of making compost from kitchen wastes by using redworms is called vermicomposting.

Advantage of vermicomposing :

(i) Vermicomposting is a quite cheap.

(ii) Vermicompost is natural manure which does not harm the soil.

(21) Redworms are a kind of earthworms.

Redworms associated with vermicomposting.

(22) The part of garbage which can rot in nature to form harmless substances is called biodegradable.

Example: food , leaves.

The part of garbage which does not rot in nature is called non biodegradable.

Example: Plastic, Glass.

(23) We should various jobs to reduce the generation of garbage and getting rid of garbage-

(a) We should dispose our kitchen garbage by vermicomposting to obtain high quality garbage for our plants, We should never put kitchen garbage in polythene bags and throw it away.

(b) We should make full use of paper in our notebooks, etc. by writing on its both sides. We should use a slate to do rough work and hence save on paper.

(c) We should choose and buy products with the least packaging. Etc.

(24) Yes, it possible to reduce the problems relating to disposal of garbage. Disposal of garbage means to get rid of garbage. Some of the important methods of garbage disposal are- composting, vermicomposting, recycling, reuse, landfill.

(25) a. The new paper are formed.

b. Deforestation will decrease as paper is made from trees.

Long Answer Type Questions:

(26) Waste materials especially household wastes, are called garbage.

Explain with example:

The peels of fruits and vegetables left over cooked food and fallen leaves of potted plants are thrown away as garbage. The packing material are useless and thrown away as garbage. Used paper are garbage etc.

If garbage is not removed from or homes and surroundings regularly our homes and surroundings will become dirty. Some of the garbage will rot giving off bad smell. The rotting garbage will become a breeding ground for disease causing organisms such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. They will spread disease to us.

(27) The process of converting plant and animal waste materials into manure by rotting is called composting.

The method of making compost from kitchen wastes by using redworms is called vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting is better as it is very high quality of manure.

(28) Recycling means that we should collect and separate the used and discarded items made of paper, plastic, glass and metals and send them to the respective industries for making fresh paper, plastic, glass and metal object.

Recycle Paper at Home or School:

(1) Take the paper and torn up into small pieces and placed it in a tub. Then give some water and submerged it for some days.

(2) Take a fine wire mesh fixed to a frame. Keep this wire mesh on a table. Now take the thick paste of paper from the tub and spread it on the wire mesh. Pat it gently to obtain uniformly thick layer of paper paste. Wait till all the water from paper paste drains off. A sheet of old cloth or a newspaper can also be used to suck up extra water  present in the layer of paper sheet.

(3) Remove the layer of paper paste from the wire mesh carefully and spread it on a sheet of newspaper kept it in the sunshine. Keep the corners of newspaper pressed by putting some weights so that they do not curl up. The heat of sunlight remove all water lest in the layer of paper paste and make it completely dry. Now it’s ready as new paper.

(29) The name of various method of garbage disposal are – composting, vermicomposting, recycling, reuse, landfill.

Most of the solid garbage from a city which can not be disposed by other method is got rid of by dumping in landfills.

(30) We use different types of plastics in our daily life as polythene bags, water bottle, water tanks, pipes, pens, combs, electric wires, radio, television, refrigerator, cars, buses, scooters, trains etc.

List of things made of plastic which are used by us at longer time that is very difficult to imagine our life without plastic. In that case plastics are a boon whereas some of plastic which are used for some of time and thrown it, therefore its not rotted by soil in that case plastics are curse for us.

We can do various of task to minimize the overuse of plastic as –

(a) We should reuse the plastic carry bag for shopping purposes.

(b) We should carry out own cloth bag or jute bag when we go out for shopping.

(c) We should use paper wherever possible to reduce the use of polythene.

(4) we should give old plastic toys to others who can use them etc.


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