Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 6 Science 10th Chapter Motion and Measurement of Distances Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Solution Class 6 Science Motion and Measurement of Distances Exercise Solution Here.

Very Short answer Type Questions:

(1) Rectilinear motion.

(2) Circular motion.

(3) Rectilinear motion.

(4) Circular motion.

(5) Periodic Motion.

(6) Circular motion.

(7) Periodic motion

(8) The case of bicycle.

(9) Rectilinear motion.

(10) Periodic motion.

(11) Rotational motion.

(12) Rectilinear motion as well rotational motion.

(13) Cow and Goat.

(14) Bullock cart , Horse cart.

(15) Forearm, Handspan.

(16) 1 millimeter,  1 centimeter, 1 meter, 1 kilometer.

(17) The length of the table is 2 times the length of unit of length called meter.

(18) Measuring Scale and Measuring Tape.

(19) Measuring tape.

(20) (a) measuring tape

(b) measuring tape.

(21) True

(22) Kilometer (KM)

(23) Millimeter (MM)

(24) Thread and Scale.

(25) Millimeter

(26) 30.1 cm.

(27) The smallest units of length- mm.

The smallest units of length- km.

(28) Kilometer is bigger length which is bigger than a meter.

(29) Two units of length which are smaller than meter Decimeter and Centimeter.

(30) (a)cubit




(e) 1000

Short Answer Type Questions:

(31) This is because, their length is not the same for all the persons.

(32) Forearm length is called cubit. Cubit is not used as a standard unit of length because the forearm is not the same for all the person.

(33) Foot step cannot be used as a standard unit of length because foot step is not the same for all thye person.

(34) (a) cm- Centimeter

(b) km- Kilometer

(c) mm- Millimeter

(d) m- Meter.

(35) (a) centimeter- CM

(b) meter- M.

(c) kilometer- KM

(d) millimeter- MM.

(36) (a) 100

(b) 10

(c) 1000

(d) 1000

(37) Motion in a straight line is called rectilinear length.

Example: Movement of a bullet fired from a gun, Motion of a balling rolling on the ground.

(38) The motion which repeats itself after regular intervals of time, is called periodic motion.

Example: The motion of second hand of a watch, The revolution of moon around the earth.

(39) (a) Periodic motion

(b) Circular motion

(c) Rectilinear motion.

(d) Rotational motion

(e) Circular motion.

(40) (a) Car, Bus

(b) Ship, Speed Boat

(c) Aeroplane, Helicopter.

Long Answer Type Questions:

(41) A unit of measurement which has a fixed value which does not change from person to person or place to place, is called standard unit of measurement.

It is necessary to have standard unit of measurement for the sake of uniformity in measurements.

The SI unit of measuring length is meter. The symbol of meter is m.

(42) The precautions which should be taken while using a meter scale to measure the length of an object:

(i) The scale should be placed parallel to the side of the object being measured.

(ii) At the time of reading the scale, the eye must placed vertically above the scale mark being read.

(iii) If the scale has a damaged zero mark or broken left end measure the length of an object starting from 1 cm mark of scale and then subtract 1 cm from the reading taken at the right end to get the actual length of object.

(43) (i) When an object moving along a circular path it is called circular motion.

Two example of circular motion: The movement of moon around the earth.

(ii) When an object turns about fixed axis, it is called rotational motion.

Two example of rotational motion: Turning of bicycle wheel, Turning of merry go round.

(44) The object when change its position with time is called motion.

Example: When the position of a bicycle is change with time. We say that the bicycle is moving or that the bicycle is in motion.

The four type of motion are: Rectilinear motion, Circular motion, Rotational motion, Periodic motion.

(45) Similarity: The motion of a bicycle in a straight line and a ceiling fan that has been switched on both are rotational motion.


Bicycle in a straight line

Ceiling fan that has been switched on

Rectilinear motion

Rotational motion

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