Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 5 Science 3rd Chapter Movements And Breathing Of Animals Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 5 Science Solution Chapter Name: Movements And Breathing Of Animals.

Objective Type Questions

(1) Write true or false. Correct the incorrect statements.

(a) Snakes have weak muscles.

Ans. False

(b) The aquatic animals take in oxygen from air.

Ans. False

(c) Insects have small holes on their bodies called trachea.

Ans. False

(d) Penguins and Ostrich are flightless birds.

Ans. True

(e) All insectes fly.

Ans. False

(2) Match the following.

(a) Land animals – (iv) limbs

(b) Octopus – (i) tentacles

(c) Cockroach – (iii) Legs

(d) Frog – (ii) Webbed feet

(e) Snake – (v) scales.

(3) Give one word answer for the following.

(a) This helps duck to move in water _______

Ans. Webbed feet

(b) This body part helps a rabbit to run _____

Ans. Padded toes

(c) An octopus moves with its help _______

Ans. Tentacles

(d) Holes on the bodies of insects _______

Ans. Spiracles

(e) Reptile that does not have limbs _______

Ans. Snake

Subjective Type Questions

(4) (a) Describe the limbs of land animals.

Ans. Animals on land have four limbs. The 2 in front are called forelimbs and the two at the back are called hindlimbs. Some animals use all the 4 limbs to run, hop or walk while some use their limbs to swim or burrow. A horse uses its 4 limbs for galloping. A rabbit has padded toes for running and large hindlimbs for hopping. A cheetah is able to run with a speed of 70 miles per hour with the help of its limbs.

(b) How do whales and dolphins breathe?

Ans. Whales and Dolphins have lungs and they come to the surface of water to inhale oxygen but they exhale Carbon Di Oxide through their nostrills in the water.

(c) snake do not have legs then how do they move?

Ans. Snakes have scales or plates on the underside of their bodies  which are attatched to their ribs. These plates act like feet and ribs act like legs and enable the snake to move forward, sideways as well backyard.

(d) How do Insects breathe?

Ans. Insects breath through the holes of their bodies, called spiracles.

(e) How is the breathing of a tadpole different from the breathing of a frog?

Ans. A tadpole breathes through its gills in water but an adult frog breathes through its lungs on land and through its moist skin in water.

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