Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 5 Science 6th Chapter “Safety And First Aid” solution

Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Science solution: “Safety And First Aid” Chapter 6. Here you get easy solutions of Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Science solution Chapter 6 . Here we give Chapter 6 all solution of Class 5. Its help you to complete your homework.

Board – CBSE

Text Book – SCIENCE

Class – 5

Chapter – 06

Objective Type Questions:

(1) Give one word for the following:

(a) This cloth catch fire easily _______

(b) Phone number to be dialled in case of a fire _______

(c) The immediate help given to an injured person ______

(d) Doctor to be visited upon a fracture ______

(e) Rules made for the safety of commuters ______

Ans. (a) Synthetic (b) 101 (c) First aid (d) Orthopedist (e) Traffic rules.

(2) Write True or False. Correct the incorrect statements.

(a) We should use the lift when there is a fire in order to evacuate the building faster.

Ans. False. (Lifts runs on electricity, When there is a burn in the building the electric wires of it catch fire too early and it will stop).

(b) We should use a sling in case of a fracture

Ans. True

(c) We should prick blisters when there is a burn.

Ans. False (We should not prick the blisters when there is a burn).

(d) We should walk towards our left on the road.

Ans. True

(3) Fill in the blanks

(a) Pedestrians should cross the road when the light is _______ for them and ______ for the vehicle driver.

(b) Do not wear _____ clothes while burning crackers.

(c) In case of an electric short circuit or fire, switch off the ________

(d) Always cross the road at the ______

(e) _____ is a crack in the home.

Ans. (a) Green; Red (b) Synthetic (c) Main switch (d) Zebra crossing (e) Fracture

Subjective Type Questions:

(a) Mention two safety rules for

(i) Pedestrians

(ii) Vehicle drivers

(iii) Breaking of fire.

Ans. (i) Pedestrians

(a) Always cross the road at the zebra crossing.

(b) Cross the road when it is green light for the pedestrians.

(ii) Vehicle drivers

(a) Always follow the traffic rules.

(b) Do not jump the red light

(iii) Breaking of fire.

(a) Do not play with fire.

(b) Do not light the candle yourself, ask your elders to help you.

(b) Why should we not light a fire in case of gas leakage.

Ans. Natural gas is flammable and when you switch on/off any electric device can cause a spark which leads to huge explosion.

(c) What should be done if burns are severe and blisters are formed?

Ans. If the burns is severe and blisters are formed then do not prick the blister. Take the patient to the doctor after cleaning the area with cold water and put some sterilized gauze.

(d) What are the indications of getting a fracture?

Ans. When a person falls down and if there is a fracture usually the limb gets swollen and there is a lot of pain.

(e) How can an animal bite be dangerous for you?

Ans. An animal bite be dangerous for us as because they might be carrying the rabies virus.

(f) Write down the first aid for burns, bites and fractures.

Ans. First Aid for Burns:

(i) Run cold water on the burnt area.

(ii) Apply antiseptic cream or lotion on the area.

First Aid for Bites:

(i) Wash the wound with soap and water so that the germs do not get into the body.

First Aid for Fractures:

(i) Provide a sling and take the patient to Doctor who is specialist of bones and muscles.

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