Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 5 Science 12th Chapter “Pollution” solution

Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Science solution: “Pollution” Chapter 12. Here you get easy solutions of Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur Science solution Chapter 12 . Here we give Chapter 12 all solution of Class 5. Its help you to complete your homework.

  • Board – CBSE
  • Text Book – SCIENCE
  • Class – 5
  • Chapter – 12

Objective Type Questions:

(1) True / False.

(a) Vehicles should get regular pollution checks.

Ans. True

(b)  We should buy water bottles rather than refilling them.

Ans. False. (We should not buy water bottles rather than refilling them).

(c) We should play blasting music at parties.

Ans. False. (We should not play blasting music at parties).

(d) There has been a vast change in the environment in recent years due to construction.

Ans. True.

(e) Household equipments also cause noise pollution.

Ans. True.

(2) Fill in the blanks.

(a) Pollution

(b) Land Pollution

(c) Loud speakers

(d) Reduce, Recycle; Reuse

(e) Oil

(3) (i) Soil Pollution

(ii) land Pollution

(iii) Air Pollution

(iv) Air Pollution

(v) Water Pollution

(4) Types of Pollution:-

(i) Air Pollution:- The pollution which is caused by the smoke coming out from the Industries, household and while burning a bunch of garbages is very toxic.

(ii) Land Pollution:- This is the type of pollution in which garbages thrown in the slum areas make a big harassment of the land use and pollutes the other societies near by it.

(iii) Water Pollution:- The pollution which is caused by natural disasters like Tsunami, Earthquake, flood. All the garbages of the city flow into the rivers and lakes where all the garbages in the city gathers and the fresh water are not usable after it.

(iv) Soil Pollution:- The pollution which is caused by the soil erosion, deforestation, due to which all the lands fertility goes down and the chances of natural disasters like flood soil erosion and earthquake because of heavy consumption of heat in barren land.

Subjective Type Questions:

(5) (a) What is pollution?

Ans. Pollution is the problem which is caused by the human activities like storing garbages in the slum area, throwing non biodegradable garbages in the society, roads. Pollution is also caused by deforestation.

(b) How would you solve the problem of land pollution?

Ans. To reduce the problem of land pollution we should make the system of dustbins in every places.

We should make a garbage storing area far from the city which will be taken by municipal trucks.

We should make awareness program for reducing pollution.

(c) Write down the four ways in which we can prevent air pollution.

Ans. We should not burn garbages. We should store them in dustbin.

We should reduce the use of bad chemical in industries, which will not make so much toxic smoke.

We should not burn forest trees and fire woods, which is bad for our surroundings.

We should not burn fossil fuels which are very precious for our future.

(d) Mention the three ways by which we can prevent noise pollution.

Ans. We should make new devices fo reducing the noise of car horns.

We should not very loud sound boxes at night, which will be harmful for others nearby.

We should use headphone while working in a crowded place.

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