Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 5 Science 1st Chapter Plant Reproduction Solution

Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur Class 5 Science 1st Chapter Solution. Chapter Name: Plant Reproduction, Class V, Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur.

Objective Type Questions

(1) (a) Outer covering of a seed ________

Ans. Seed coat

(b) The part of a seed that contains stored food for the baby plant ________

Ans. Cotyledon

(c) A fruit that bursts with great force scattering the seeds ________

ans. Pea

(d) A baby plant formed after germination ________

Ans. Seedling

(e) A plant that gives to many new plants if its leaf falls on moist soil ________

Ans. Bryophyllum.

(2) Name the parts in the picture given below.

(3) Draw lines to match each type of seed to its agent of dispersal

(a) Coconut – Water

(b) Guava – Animals

(c) Dandelion – Wind

(d) Lotus – Water

(e) Burdock – Animals

(d) Balsam – Explosion

(d) Sycamore – Wind

Subjective Type Questions

(a) What is germination?

Ans. When a seed gets all the favorable conditions, it grows into a baby plant, which is called seedling. The process of a seed turning into a seedling is called germination.

(b) What is Seed dispersal?

Ans. The process by which seeds are carried to the new places away from the parent plant known as seed dispersal.

(c) Name the different ways plants disperse seeds, giving examples of each.

Ans. The different ways are:

Wind Dispersal: Orchid seeds, Dandelion seeds.

Water dispersal: Lotus, Lily.

Animal dispesal: Blackberry, cherry.

Explosion or bursting: Ladyfinger, peas.

(d) How is water helpful in seed dispersal? Give examples.

Ans. Water dispersal method works for seeds which can float in water. Coconut seeds can travel thousands ok kilometers across.

(e) Do human also help in seed dispersal? How? Give an example.

Ans. Yes, Human also help in seed dispersal.

Human being also eat fruits like orange, mango, pear and plums. The fleshy part of the fruit is eaten and the seeds are thrown away. When the seeds get the right conditions they germinate.

Example: Orange, Mango.

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