NCERT solutions is a compiled form of study resources with which students can complete acquiring depth knowledge of all subjects. All textbooks of NCERT have exercises at the end of each chapter for all subjects which students have to complete to fulfil their learning. Then students have to take their teachers’ help or go through any other reference books for collecting answers. In this case, NCERT solutions work as the helping hand of students in their entire journey of exam preparation. The NCERT solutions have all the solved question answers in an easily understandable language which students can follow completely. The solved answers are also prepared by following the answer writing pattern of NCERT which will be beneficial for students to prepare for their upcoming exams. NCERT’s has all textbooks solutions from the beginning to the end of school education which is class 1 to class 12.

NCERT Solution

NCERT Solutions for all Class 1 to 12 by Expert Teachers Staff

Experts of NCERT prepare the solutions by keeping in mind the exact exam pattern and allotment of marks for single answer. With it students gather detail knowledge about the exam pattern which is helpful for them to score better in final exam. In the formulation of NCERT books, the focus has been given in the overall development of students’ learning which encourage students more to follow these solutions. The answers are given in easily understandable language with clear explanation for all subjects. The answers are also prepared according to marking division of all questions with which students can practice answer writing for their exam preparation. Solutions of all subjects are given class wise and subjects-wise which is easy to find out from a single pdf by students. It is prepared with valid and enough resources which is adequate for exam preparation and complete learning of students. Our solutions are also kept in an updated form with modified syllabus of 2024 – 25 (as per NEP) and textbooks for the convenience of students. In the foundational stage of school education NCERT has given importance in clearing the basic doubts to make students strong in their academics. On the other hand, in the secondary and higher secondary stage the solutions have answers written from exam perspective with detail explanation to score better. Students of any clads from class 1 to class 12 can easily find solutions for al NCERT textbooks by following the below links available:

Class 1 NCERT Solutions

Class 2 NCERT Solutions

Class 3 NCERT Solutions

Class 4 NCERT Solutions

Class 5 NCERT Solutions

Class 6 NCERT Solutions

Class 7 NCERT Solutions

Class 8 NCERT Solutions

Class 9 NCERT Solutions

Class 10 NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solution for Class 1

NCERT Solutions for Class 2

NCERT Solution for Class 3

NCERT Solution for Class 4

NCERT Solution for Class 5

NCERT Solution for Class 6

NCERT Solutions for Class 7

NCERT Solution for Class 8

NCERT Solution for Class 9

NCERT Solution for Class 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 11

NCERT Solution for Class 12

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