Class 2 NCERT Solutions for Maths, English, GK, Environmental Science, Poems, Hindi

Class 2 NCERT Solutions

Class II is the second phase of school, where students tend to see several changes around them and their syllabus. New subjects, new ways of writing notes and new way learning, everything might take a toll for them. Here, at our site, we have completely devoted ourselves in bringing the best and interesting classes and solutions for your children and students. Our motto is to make children fall in love with the studies, and that is why we have decided to bring the best solutions, summaries and explanations of the NCERT and CBSE syllabus for Class II for each subject.

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for Maths

An interest for Mathematics can be developed only if they are made to fall in love with the subject at this tender age. Our NCERT solutions for Class II Maths have been written by experts to help the students in better understanding of the concepts in an easy and better way. We also have video classes for an easy explanation. We have interesting worksheets designed for them, for their better understanding for intricate concepts of addition and subtraction.

Chapter 1 – What is Long, What is Round

Chapter – 2 – Counting In Groups

Chapter – 3 – How Much Can You Carry

Chapter – 4 – Counting In Tens

Chapter – 5 – Patterns

Chapter – 6 – Footprints

Chapter – 7 – Jugs And Mugs

Chapter – 8 – Tens And Ones

Chapter – 9 – My Funday

Chapter – 10 – Add Our Points

Chapter – 11 – Lines And Lines

Chapter – 12 – Give And Take

Chapter – 13 – The Longest Step

Chapter – 14 – Birds Come, Birds Go

Chapter – 15 – How Many Ponytails

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for English

As we have mentioned before, we are devoting ourselves in helping your child learn English in the best possible manner. Our language learning methods for NCERT and CBSE solutions for English tend to work on vocabulary expansion, better understanding of grammar and learning to form new sentences daily. We have worksheets prepared for your children which are to be solved after their understanding of the chapters.

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for General Knowledge

The subject of General Knowledge is far by the most legitimate and one of the best subjects for children because it works for the overall development of the children’s mind as it is all about the general happenings of the world, important events, famous people and they also learn everything necessary about their country. This subject does not add up to the child’s academic score, but is still considered necessary for their further academic development. We have all the possible solutions for NCERT and CBSE General Knowledge.

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for Environmental Science

With one level up, there is a level up in the concepts too. Class II NCERT and CBSE curriculum for Environmental Science has an upgraded concept list. The curriculum is designed to help children learn about the different aspects of their environment like that about different living beings, climate and other topics. Our explanations, videos and solutions are the best that you would be looking forward to using for your students and children.

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for Poems

The subject of Poems is not included in the coming years but is considered important. This is a kind of fun subject where children can drown themselves in the world of literature and words. We have made it more lovely with our notes and summaries for the poems and even explanations for the same. Class II NCERT and CBSE solutions for Poems can be best found at our site.

Class 2 NCERT Solutions for Hindi

Language learning should be interesting. Our Hindi experts have made sure that we provide you with the best of video classes and solutions for NCERT Hindi Class II as to make the subject of Hindi interesting and easy to learn.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

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