Class 5 NCERT Solutions for Maths, English, Hindi, Environmental Science, Science

Class 5 NCERT Solutions

Class Vth is one step ahead in becoming seniors at the primary level. We all understand how excited students are when they enter this stage of seniority at primary level. With higher classes comes higher responsibility of dealing with studies, and as we always preach, studies need to be fun and engaging. We understand this and so we have made our solutions and summaries along with explanations and notes as per the norms and pattern of Class V NCERT and CBSE curriculum.

Class 5 NCERT Solutions for Maths

Mathematics for Class Vth has made many minds tired and frustrated, and we need to ease that frustration out. With our worksheets, summaries, notes and solutions for Class V NCERT and CBSE chapters, we are working for a full fledged Maths loving student community. Join us on our site for cool explanations on the new concepts and help your child learn and understand better. We are no boring Maths teachers, we promise!

Class 5 NCERT Solutions for English

Have you heard that you love stories if told by the perfect person? We have kept this in mind while preparing the summaries, notes, explanations and solutions for Class V NCERT and CBSE English and we are just wondering how to make it more interesting and lovable. We have included our experts’ tricks and knowledge to help you learn and lead with the best.

Class 5 NCERT Solutions for Hindi

Hindi for NCERT and CBSE solutions for Class V has been well designed for a better understanding of the chapters and poems, as well the grammar portion. Help us improve your child’s interest in the subject through our experts’ prepared explanations and summaries. And with the best of experts, we will make sure your child leads the subject like a pro.


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Class 5 NCERT Solutions for Environmental Science

We have a subject replacement of Social Studies with Environmental Science but the concepts in the chapters are the same as that of the former subject. Though some CBSE schools include Social Studies in their syllabus, the NCERT curriculum has EVS in its list. With that, we have kept in mind to prepare your child with the ways of note making and note taking, and how important things are to be summarized as everything in our solutions and summaries are prepared and written in that manner. The Class Vth NCERT and CBSE solutions for Class Vth are worth a read.

Class 5 NCERT Solutions for Science

Engaging students in studies with the same interest in each coming year is a rocket science, and we are an expert in that. Help your child dive into the wonders of Class Vth NCERT and CBSE Science and learn the concepts without the boring textbook language. We are happy to help your child in not procrastinating but studying each day properly with our interesting explanations and videos.