NCERT Extra Questions And Answers for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

NCERT Extra Questions: Class 1 to Class 10 for All Subject English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer. Candidates who are studying under CBSE Board or different State Board (Which State follow NCERT Books) can read and Note from NCERT Extra Questions Solution. NCERT Chapter-wise Extra Questions for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

NCERT is the responsible board under which students in the entire country study through CBSE board in their school education. Students take effective preparation for achieving great score in their final CBSE exam. They focus on learning with full concentration from the very beginning pf primary school education. NCERT monitors the entire education system by improving every step of learning pattern from structuring syllabus to preparing question papers. All students of CBSE board are solely depend on valuables resources of NCERT for their complete exam preparation. Besides NCERT textbooks students require extra resources for enhancing their problem solving skills. So, it has prepared NCERT extra questions for fulfilling all needs of children from class 1 to class 10 with detail solutions. With NCERT extra questions students get an overview of different questions from a single chapter which are important from exam perspective. Students are advised to follow this entire article for having full knowledge about NCERT extra questions depending on their individual classes.

These NCERT Extra Questions Solutions PDF will help students to boost their marks in Examination.

NCERT Extra Questions And Answers Class 1 to 10




Extra Questions and Solution from Textbook

1 to 10


Eng, Hindi, Math, Science, Social Science










NCERT Extra Questions for Class 1

NCERT extra questions are beneficial for students of all classes to continue exam preparation with full concentration. Class 1 is the first stage of primary education when children starts their academic journey through school education. NCERT focus on delivering education resources for students of class 1 based on their capabilities. Chapters have included in NCERT textbooks from elementary to advance level for different subjects to provide developed education among students. Expert teachers have prepared extra questions of NCERT for class 1 after researching on students’ needs and expectations. NCERT extra questions have bene prepared for hindi, English, mathematics, science by expert teachers. Students of class 1 can undoubtedly rely on extra questions which are formulated by following NCERT syllabus. Students can understand the importance of learning each subject equally by following NCERT extra questions. Students can get pdf formats of all NCERT extra questions which they can download easily for their regular study.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 2

NCERT extra questions is an essential part of formal educational resources for all students. Expert teachers prepare NCERT extra question papers after researching thoroughly over students’ important needs and expectations. They include important chapters within NCERT textbooks from easy to advance level for students’ convenience in learning. Class 2 is another important stage of primary education where children learn many important aspects related to different subjects. Students solely depend on their NCERT textbooks for their CBSE curriculum which is prepared according to the NCERT syllabus. Students often find it difficult to continue their exam preparation without proper guidance. So, NCERT extra questions with solutions are here to rescue students form that problem by helping throughout their prolonged preparation. NCERT extra questions are available for all subjects like maths, science, English and hindi according to the NCERT guidelines. Students can easily depend on their specific NCERT extra question papers which are essential to guide them.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 3

NCERT is the education board which monitors the entire education system of the CBSE board for school education. Besides CBSE board many state boards also follow NCERT textbooks for providing students national level resources to study. All NCERT textbooks are formed with effective chapters from easy to advance level to make the learning process interesting for students. Students feel sometimes that following textbooks only is not enough for their strategic exam preparation. So, they expect extra resources in the form of reference books where they will find extra questions and answer writing styles. To fulfil the need NCERT extra questions have been prepared for all subjects of class 3 to enhance students’ answer writing style. With extra questions students will get complete knowledge about important questions that can come in their final exam. These NCERT extra questions are available in pdf formats which students can download easily for future access. Following NCERT extra questions regularly during practice will result in developing their knowledge in answer writing and problem solving skills.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 4

NCERT extra questions are extensive form of study materials for CBSE students for all classes. Students of CBSE board follow NCERT textbooks for their classroom sessions and self-learning as parts of education. But they feel lack of information at times of completing learning activities or chapter wise lessons. In this case, NCERT extra questions of all subjects are helpful to overcome the problem of solving all kinds of questions. Students of class 4 will get all kinds of questions that are possible for a single chapter from their NCERT extra questions formats. They can easily practice regularly with extra questions for enhancing their problem solving skills. NCERT extra questions papers are available for all subjects of class 4 which are hindi, English, maths, science. It fulfil the extra needs of exam preparation that students require during their preparation time. Students can start learning from easy to advance level which are arranged sequentially just like their textbooks.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 5

NCERT extra questions are the extra study resources for guiding children throughout their effective exam preparation. NCERT textbooks are enough for providing adequate resources of classroom learning according to the curriculum. But when students focus more on their exam preparation to achieve great score they find some advance materials to go through their preparation strategy. Expert teachers include all kinds of questions for every single chapter included in all subjects’ textbooks. Class 5 is the first stage of higher education where children start learning new subjects and advance chapters. So, NCERT try to make the learning process easier by providing required resources among children. Extra questions of NCERT is such an useful study resources which will deliver needed facts for exam preparation.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 6

NCERT focus on every stage of school education for providing ideal level of education to CBSE students. Class 6 is another important stage of higher education where students learn new things for all subjects. Experts prepare textbooks for all subjects of different classes in NCERT. Students rely on the textbooks for classroom sessions and self-learning with its definite resources. But still students feel lack of information sometime to do their learning sessions for which they find guidance from other reference books. Here NCERT extra questions are formulated with the aim of developing students’ answer writing style during their regular learning pattern. In those extra question papers students will find out different kinds of questions that are significant from exam perspective. All subjects like maths, science, hindi, English, social science NCERT extra questions are available in pdf formats which students can download and study accordingly.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 7

NCERT follows all steps of education system by improving it according to the needs and expectations of students. NCERT extra questions are different kinds of study materials which students follow for their exam preparation. Experts prepare extra questions by researching thoroughly on students’ result and their further needs from education pattern. Students depend on their textbooks for respective subjects for their regular learning sessions. But at time of completing learning activities and advance level exam preparation they need extra questions. With all subjects extra questions provided by NCERT students get deep subjective knowledge which is essential for their final exam. Following extra questions will enhance students answer writing styles eventually which are beneficial to increase their overall score in exam. They can easily download pdfs of NCERT extra questions for all subjects and practice regularly with it for acing their preparation level.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 8

NCERT is solely responsible to develop the education pattern of formal school education by improving all stages over time. All textbooks are prepared by including important chapters for different subjects depending upon students’ needs. Students follow their textbooks in their entire academic session which are made by following NCERT syllabus accordingly. But students sometimes feel the need of extra resources to fulfil their urge for knowledge. Advance knowledge and extra questions that are included in NCERT extra questions are beneficial for developing students answer writing style. When students get deep knowledge about all kinds of questions for a single chapter it eventually develop their problem solving skills. They can follow NCERT extra questions effectively for their regular learning to make their exam preparation at better level. Here students can get all subjects NCERT extra questions in pdf formats which they can download for further access.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 9

NCERT is the responsible educational board to provide required national level resources for all level school education of children. The board looks over each stage that is related to the formal education system of school learning. Students of CBSE board and some specific state board follow NCERT textbooks for their subjective knowledge for all subjects included in curriculum. Students require extra knowledge and skills for performing well in their final examination for which they need extra resources. NCERT extra questions are such kind of extra study materials which provide depth knowledge among students. Class 9 is the previous stage of final CBSE examination where students start their preparation of board exam. Tey learn many important and critical chapters for all subjects. With NCERT extra questions students can clear their concept of answer writing pattern for all kinds of questions.

NCERT Extra Questions for Class 10

CBSE board students and other state board students follow NCERT guidelines for their academic journey. NCERT textbooks are the significant study resources on which students depend to fulfil their subjective knowledge. Class 10 is the vital stage where students prepare for their final CBSE board exam for the entire academic year. In this case, depending on textbooks for preparation of all subjects are not enough to answer different kinds of questions in final exam. So, it is advised to all students of class 10 for following NCERT extra questions where they will get all kinds of questions to practice along with it. They can easily enhance their problem solving skills which is beneficial for developing their performance level in the final exam.



Key features of NCERT extra questions:

  • NCERT extra questions present all kinds of questions for a specific chapter of different subjects that are important for the final examination.
  • Students get an overall knowledge about answering different questions through the solutions described in NCERT extra questions.
  • Students of all classes under CBSE board can depend on NCERT extra questions for their exam preparation from the beginning of academic session.
  • Students of class 10 and class 12 also follow NCERT extra questions for enhancing their overall knowledge with the extra facts included in these questions material.
  • They can easily include NCERT extra questions in their regular study routine as a part of their full preparation.

Following NCERT extra questions regularly during practice is effective for acing the answer writing styles of students.

Now of days most of students and their parent are very sincere in their education. Parents give No of Tuition Teacher for their Children for Each Subject for boost their Marks and make them more prepare. In School exam, School Teacher also give Inside based Questions for check that, the students are read the textbook in better way or not. From this discussion We think you will Clear that NCERT Extra Question will helpful for you.


  1. Why should students follow NCERT extra questions?

Answer: NCERT extra questions provide detail knowledge about all kinds of questions that are important from exam perspective. With it students become completely prepare for appearing in their final exam with their enhanced answer writing skills.

  1. What is the cost of NCERT extra questions?

Answer: NCERT extra questions are available completely free of cost for students of all classes. Students can download from the given links in pdf formats of all subjects related extra questions.