Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Maths, English, Social Studies, Hindi, Science

Class 4 NCERT Solutions

The fourth phase of schooling, 4th Grade is an important step. And how cool will it be, if we help you in maintaining your child’s interest in studies. We will help you plan out the chapters in a fun and strategic way, with our summaries, notes and solutions for Class IV NCERT and CBSE chapters, with a deep insight into every concept.

Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Maths

Practice makes your Maths perfect, and with due respect to practice, we have designed our Class IV NCERT and CBSE solutions, summaries and notes for Maths so as to help your child learn and understand the basic and fundamental concepts of the subject, like weighing, decimals, unitary method and what not. Your child needs someone interesting to help them love Maths, and we are that someone, okay! And we also have a lot of worksheets for each chapter. Ain’t that good?

Class 4 NCERT Solutions for English

English grows more interesting with each class, as we have a lot of stories and extra interesting poems in the textbooks. What is boring is the tedious notes and the way it is explained. We aim at providing amazing and interesting summaries and solutions for NCERT and CBSE Class IV English along with grammar and vocabulary tricks to help your child love English with every growing chapter.

Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Social Studies

Class IV NCERT and CBSE Social Studies is the first step towards learning the strategic subject of Social Studies in its full form. We have seen students running away from the subject from this class itself, because they find the chapters extra long and boring, and this is the class where the idea of memorizing stuff starts, making their heads go dizzy. So, here at our site, you will see every intricate detail of the chapter, but in an interesting manner, along with their explanations.

Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Hindi

Hindi for NCERT and CBSE solutions for Class IV has been well designed for a better understanding of the chapters and poems, as well the grammar portion. Help us improve your child’s interest in the subject through our experts’ prepared explanations and summaries.


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Class 4 NCERT Solutions for Science

Class IVth is an important class because students get exposed to some of the important subjects like Science. We tend to make this already interesting subject more interesting with our explanations and summaries, and also solutions. You can also have access to our worksheets which will help you become more thorough in your readings and studies.