NCERT MCQ Questions with Answers

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) MCQ Questions with Answers for Class 6 to 12. Here in this page we ( provides NCERT Textbook English, SST, Math, Science Subject Multiple Choice Questions with Answers for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

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MCQ Questions for English, Science, Math, Social Science

NCERT is the responsible education board of national level to monitor the entire education pattern of conventional school education. Students of all classes depend on their respective textbooks for studying different subjects. Expert teachers prepare textbooks for all subjects after researching thoroughly over students’ needs and expectations. All chapters re arranged sequentially within NCERT textbooks so that students can understand the concept of next chapter through the learning of previous chapter. Students focus on their learning sessions from the beginning to understand the core concepts of every topic. They give efforts to complete learning for acing their ultimate performance level during final exam. Students often find reference books for enhancing their knowledge over a particular topic. For that purpose NCERT prepares textbook solutions, model question papers and MCQ questions to help students throughout their prolonged exam preparation journey. Like all other study resources of NCERT mcq questions for all subjects depending on classes are formed by expert teachers. MCQ questions are presented in the format of objective questions to exam students’ comprehensive knowledge over important topics. In the present format of CBSE exam students have to attempt MCQ questions for all subjects in their exam. NCERT prepares MCQ questions for all classes with the aim of giving an overview knowledge among students for it. When students follow these NCERT MCQ questions regularly long with their specific textbooks they become completely prepared for their upcoming exam. Students of all classes read under CBSE board can get all NCERT mc questions s pdf form from the given links.

NCERT MCQs for all Subjects English, Science, Math, Social Science Class 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12. NCERT Multiple Choice Questions are available here.

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Key features of NCERT MCQ questions:

  • Students get the overall idea of the NCERT question pattern which is helpful for their complete exam preparation.
  • Students of all classes will get comprehensive knowledge over important topics of their syllabus with which they can answer mcq questions easily.
  • Practicing regularly with mcq questions will enhance their problem solving skills which are effective for better exam performance.
  • Students get n overview about all kinds of important questions from a particular chapter that are significant from exam perspective.
  • With the following of NCERT mcq questions students will get the confidence to face their final examination and attempt all kind of questions perfectly.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 6:

NCERT has always monitored every stages of education to provide high standard education to all students equally. Expert teaches make NCERT textbooks for students of all classes who study in CBSE board or any other state board. Besides respective textbooks students require extra study resources for enhancing their knowledge power over important topics. They seek help from reference books or any other study materials from where they can get core concepts of topics from their syllabus. NCERT MCQ questions have been formulated by expert teachers according to the guidelines of NCERT. Students can follow all pdfs of mc questions that re published by ncert. They re advised to follow ncert mc questions long with textbooks for their exam preparation regularly. With those mc questions they will get an overview of important questions from exam perspective which is helpful for exam preparation. Students of class 6 require extra support for overcoming difficulties to understand ny critical topic of their curriculum. In that case ncert mc questions re proper guidance to overcome the fear of appering in final exam. Here we have attached all pdfs of class 6 mc questions which students can download in pdf forms.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 7:

Ncert has focused on improving the entire education system over time to provide ulity education mong all children. From publishing textbooks to prepare question papers on time for final exam all stages re closely monitored by ncert. Students study under cbse board solely depend on their ncert textbooks for having subjective knowledge of their curriculum. Expert teachers include important topics in all subjects after researching thoroughly over students’ needs and expectations over time. Ncert textbooks re the ideal guidance of students during their regular classroom sessions and self-learning. But they face troubles t time of completing learning activities by their own for the lack of extra knowledge. Students must understand the entire question pattern for better performance before appering their final exam. With the aim of providing complete knowledge bout question pattern ncert has prepared mc questions by expert teachers. Students can follow these ncert questions regularly during their regular study sessions. They can gradually increase their answer giving style by practicing with ncert mc questions. All students can download pdfs of all subjects’ mc questions by ncert from the given links easily.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 8:

Ncert is the national level educational board to look over the education pattern in the country over time. The whole tem of the board monitors every stage of education for improving the conventional mode of education. Students red in cbse board depends on ncert textbooks for their academic learning since the beginning of the session. Ncert textbooks re prepared by experienced subject matter experts who have researched over students’ lering outcomes before including topics in their curriculum. All cbse students can rely on ncert textbooks undoubtedly s those re formed according to the syllabus of ncert. Students require additional resources to solve their different queries regarding critical topics for which they seek reference books. Class 8 is the vital stage where students learn various valuble topics related to their secondary education. So, students focus on their overall learning based on their curriculum to fulfil all their education needs over time. Ncert publishes its mc questions which re part of the question papers of students; final exam. Following ncert question papers students will get overall knowledge of their question pattern which is helpful to give better performance in exam. With the ncert mc questions students get guidance to enhance their comprehensive knowledge over all topics included in their curriculum. Ncert mc questions re vilble for all subjects of class 8 like history, geography, physics, chemistry, maths, Hindi and English. Students can download pdfs of all ncert mc files to continue their preparation.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 9:

Ncert is the ideal educational board in the country to monitor the entire education pattern. Students of all classes study under cbse board rely on ncert study resources for fulfilling their requirements. They prefer studying with ncert textbooks for gathering subjective knowledge over all subjects of their syllabus. Students of class 9 focus on their classroom learning from the beginning of their academic session. It is the stage where preparation for secondary exam starts for which they need to give extra efforts on learning core concepts of subjects. Being the important stage students have to learn many important and critical topics that re included in their curriculum. For that they feel the importance of getting extra resources from where they will get information to increase their comprehensive knowledge. Ncert mc questions re such kind of study materials to inform students details bout the question pattern. Not only that students can practice with mc questions for cing their exam preparation. Regular practice with ncert mc questions give excellent result in the ultimate performance of students in their exam. Students will get pdf of ncert mc questions for all subjects from the mentioned links.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 10:

Ncert is the national level platform to provide quality education with deute resources among all students all over the country. Students of all classes prefer choosing ncert textbooks for their total exam preparation. Class 0 is the ultimate stage where students have to apper in their final board exam of their life which is cbse exam. For cbse exam preparation students trt their strategic preparation from the beginning of the academic year. They require extra study resources to overcome all difficulties related to critical topics of their curriculum. Ncert mcq questions re prepared by experienced subjects matter experts to deliver exam related information among students. It is very important for class 0 students to score well in their final cbse exam. So, it is mandatory for them to follow ncert mc questions to get n overall knowledge bout questions pattern of the final exam. Students have to give eul importance to all subjects like maths, physics, biology, chemistry, English, hindi, history and geography for get better overall score. Class 0 students will get all pdfs for all subjects from the given links from where they can download according to their convenience.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 11:

Ncert is the responsible educational board of the country to monitor the entire education system of school education. Ncert provides all kinds of study resources for cbse students so that they can get ulity education throughout their academic journey. After appering cbse exam students have to enrol in higher secondary education where class  is the first stge. Students get chances to choose different subjects belong to different streams that re science, commerce and rts. So, many students have to learn new subjects in their higher education course which require extra efforts from the beginning. In this case ncert textbooks provide all core concepts to learn the topics in detail. Besides subjective knowledge students require comprehensive knowledge over all topics to answer all mc question in final exam. With ncert mcq questions students become well aware about the question pattern of the final exam. They re advised to practice regularly with ncert mc questions for overcoming all difficulties related to their final exam. Here we have given links for downloading pdfs of class  subjects of different streams.

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 12:

Ncert has always focused on developing the education pattern by improving every stage related to learning. Students of all classes rely on ncert textbooks for enhancing their subjective knowledge over all subjects of their syllabus. Like ncert textbooks experienced subject matter experts prepare ncert mc questions for making the education journey interesting to students. Class 2 is the final stage of school education where students have to pper in their final board exam. For that every student expect to perform well for getting better score. With that purpose they start their strategic exam preparation form the very beginning. In class 2 students have to learn critical topics of their newly added subjects in curriculum. For that they seek to overcome all difficulties related to their final exam. Ncert mc questions re prepared with the aim of providing complete knowledge bout question pattern in the final exam. Students will get complete knowledge bout all kinds of questions from ncert mc questions. Practicing regularly with ncert mc questions students will enhance their performance level for appreing the final exam. Here we have attached all pdfs of class 2 subjects for all streams which students can download according to their needs.



1. Why do students need to follow ncert mcq questions?

Answer: students for all classes should have proper knowledge bout their question pattern for their final exam. Mcq questions re n important and scoring part for students of all classes. So, students should choose to practice to attempt all mc questions for performing well in their final exam.

2. From where do students get ncert mcq questions?

Answer: Students will get pdfs for all subjects based on different classes of cbse from the mentioned links in the article. Students can easily download the pdfs for all subjects for their study preparation.

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