CBSE Competency Based Questions Class 9 to 12

What is Competency Based Questions? CBSE board 2023 for class 9-12:

Competency based questions is the newly added question pattern in CBSE board followed by NCERT. According to the newly formed national education policy, 2020 students’ logical thinking and problem solving skills will be evaluated in their annual exams. The entire education pattern will be modified into more holistic approach towards practical learning, improved vocational skills. Each student will get chances to study both theoretical and practical based subjects. Competency based questions are formed to analyse children’s overall understanding and depth knowledge over a particular topic. Their critical thinking and creativity will also be evaluated through their answer giving styles. The time of following definitions, theory and concepts has been gone in this newly versed competency based questions of CBSE board. Children do not need to remember long answers with multiple paragraphs now. But they need to study each topic with full clarification and understanding. Students will become more confident with their enhanced problem solving skills and logical based learning through academics.

competency based questions class 9, 10, 11, 12

Types of Competency Based Questions:

Students from class 9 to 12 in CBSE board will find various forms of competency based questions in their examination questions. For better clarification and understanding students need to know deeply about competency based questions in detail. After having an overview about it they can focus on their learning and exam preparation well. Students have to understand that their learning is not only bound to textbooks learning but also they have to notice unfamiliar situations, their reactions and responses to it. Competency based learning teach students to think broadly outside of their academic curriculum which enhance their knowledge power. Students become capable to handle all situations smartly if they follow learning of competency based questions accordingly. The three type of competency based questions are:


Students are familiar to multiple choice questions where they have to choose the correct answer from the given alternatives. The advantageous fact about MCQs is that students can remember the answers from the alternatives even if they forget it. MCQs are quite easy, time saving and scoring part of questions.

Assertion Reason Question MCQ for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12

Case based question:

Students can understand it from its name that they have to study a particular case given within question. After reading that case they have to answer some questions which are based on that case study. This part is specifically given to evaluate students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. The cases can be given from texts or other outside resources in the form of one or more paragraphs.

CBSE Class 6 to 12 Case Based Questions

Source based Integrated Question:

In this part, students will find paragraphs from their texts. The sources can be other reference books, newspaper articles, essays from where students have to understand the facts and answer questions. All the questions are integrated to the theme of the text so students need to read it with full concentration.

CBSE Sample Paper 2023 – 24

Class 3

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Class 3 Math

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Class 4

Science Click Here
Class 4 Math

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Class 5

Science Click Here
Class 5 Math

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CBQ for class 9:

Students of class 9 have to attempt CBQs in different parts included in their question paper. They have to answer total 40% CBQs included all MCQs, case based questions and source based integrated questions. Then there are objective questions covering 20% and the remaining 40% will be there for any type of short questions and long questions.

CBQ for class 10:

In class 10 which is CBSE board’s final exam students have to answer total 50% of their CBQs. In this 50% they will get all mcqs, case based question and source based integrated question for which they need preparation. Apart from that there will be 20% mcqs which is select response type from the given alternatives. The rest 30% will be covered constructed response questions including both short answer and long answer type of questions.

CBQ for class 11:

In class 11 students have to appear their year-end examination in the same pattern of CBSE board. There will be total 30% covering all forms of CBQs like mcqs, case based questions and source based integrated questions. Like class 9 the rest 20% will be for objective type questions from all chapters. The remaining 50% will be about short answer and long answer type of questions.

CBQ for class 12:

In class 12 which is CBSE board’s final exam of higher secondary course students need to focus on their CBQ part for better score. Total 40% marks is covered in CBQ including mcqs, case based questions and source based integrated questions. 20% will be for select response type questions that is mcq. The rest 40% will be for constructed response questions where students will answer both short answer and long answer questions.

FAQs on CBSE Competency Based Questions:

  1. What is Competency Based Questions?

Answer. Competency based questions are specifically formed questions to evaluate students’ lgical thinking, problem solving, creative knowledge etc. which they learn from their academics.

  1. In which class students will answer CBQs in CBSE board?

Answer. CBSE board has included CBQs in all classes from class 9 to 12.

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