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ncert class 12 physics part 1 and part 2 solution page
ncert class 12 physics part 1 and part 2 solution pagencert class 12 physics part 1 and part 2 textbooks solution. best solution 2023.

NCERT Class 12 Physics Solutions: NCERT is the central educational board to look after all stages of conventional education system in our country. It monitors the overall education system by improving it according to the needs of children over time. CBSE board solely depend on the regulations of NCERT and follows it for the entire learning procedure in schools. Like CBSE board many other state education boards also follow rules and regulations provided by NCERT for education system. From the initial stage of structuring syllabus to publishing result of final examination every step is done by NCERT. To get updated information regarding NCERT students should visit their official website regularly where all information are easily available in just one click. Students should follow NCERT regularly during their academic journey in different classes. From this article students will get proper information about the possible ways of being benefitted by NCERT in various ways. They are advised to follow this article till end for acquiring knowledge about NCERT completely.

NCERT class 12 physics textbooks with solutions:

NCERT textbooks are the prevalent study resources for students studying in CBSE board and other respective boards. All textbooks of different subjects are prepared by the team of experienced subject matter experts who included different topics after thorough research. Students can completely rely on NCERT textbooks for their exam preparation as these are made by following NCERT guidelines. Experts include important topics within curriculum after researching over students’ requirements and their learning outcomes from previous years. Students follow these textbooks for their regular classroom learning sessions under the guidance of teachers. After that students can also depend on these textbooks for their self-study at home. At that time students require complete explanation in easy and understandable language within textbooks which are available in NCERT textbooks. They also have to solve various learning exercises at the end of learning each chapter from textbook to analyse their learning outcomes.

Textbooks are the general study materials which provide the needed resources for students to go through their learning curriculum easily. Class 12 is the ultimate stage of school education where students have to learn various critical topics for all subjects. After passing secondary examination students enrol in their higher secondary course where they choose different steams based upon their interests. In different streams students have to study new subjects along with old ones. For that purpose they require resourceful textbooks to get deep knowledge for a single topic included in their syllabus. In fact, they need special guidance to learn any new subject from the beginning where NCERT textbooks are helpful resources. After completing the academic journey of higher secondary course students have to appear class 12 final boards examination at the end. Being the final exam of school examination every student expect to score higher for which they focus on exam preparation form the starting level. As they get chances of higher studies depending on the result of class 12 result all students try their level best for scoring higher. So, students should depend on their respective NCERT textbooks where all resources are provided according to definite NCERT guidelines.

Deleted Chapters (NCERT 2023 – 24)

Importance of physics with solution:

Physics is an effective and important subject of science stream which students of class 12 have to learn with full concentration who study in science stream. From the beginning students must focus on their learning strategy to enhance their deeper knowledge over physics. There are many students who want to pursue different career options after completing their higher education course. It should be clear about various career options to the students for studying physics in higher studies from the beginning. It is expected that students can choose their aspiring career options after being efficient in the subject with deeper subjective knowledge. NCERT textbook for class 12 has been prepared by including all important topics of their curriculum. Students must follow NCERT textbooks for gathering knowledge over physics which is an important subject of science stream. Being a practical based subject students should more focus on their practical explanation given within NCERT textbooks. Students will find definite practical knowledge of physics within NCERT textbooks.

NCERT textbook solution is the ideal study resources for helping students to go through their learning lessons. Like all other subjects physics solution of NCERT textbook is also well-structured according to the guidelines of NCERT. Students of class 12 studies in science stream follows NCERT solution to go through the critical chapters of physics. Like textbooks NCERT solution is also prepared by expert teachers according to the guidelines of answer writing pattern of NCERT. From the NCERT solution of class 12 physics students will find out answer writing styles for different questions. When students have to solve various learning exercises they need detail explanation from all chapters. In NCERT physics solution of class 12 students will find extra facts for all topics along with it to solve their al queries. From the solution students will have an overall knowledge about question pattern for the final exam. For physics students have to focus more on their practical learning along with theoretical studies. In NCERT solution students will find guidance in the form of information for their overall practical and theoretical knowledge improvement.

NCERT solution for class 12 physics is the ultimate study resource for all level students pursuing higher secondary education in schools. All students must follow this along with their respective textbook for scoring higher in the final examination. It is very important for students to score higher in class 12 final exam based on which they will get chances to enrol in college. Besides that, deeper knowledge in physics is also required for pursuing career in future where complete capabilities will be viewed. So, students should become efficient in physics from the beginning of their academic journey who are willing to pursue higher studies and career upon it. If they follow NCERT solution regularly during their preparation they will be well-prepared for their final examination. They will be capable to answer all types of questions by following the pattern given within NCERT solutions. Along with that students who have difficulties in understanding particular topics can clear their concepts through easy explanation given in NCERT solutions. From the extra facts given in NCERT solutions students will enhance their subjective knowledge over physics.

It is certain that NCERT solution of class 12 physics is helpful study material for being well-prepared for the finale examination. Students will get all necessary information required for making their own strategy for effective exam preparation from NCERT solution. It helps not only in clearing concepts for al topics but also in other extensive purposes. Following NCERT solution will make students capable to understand their strength and weak areas by their own from the self-analysis. With thorough practice students will be efficient enough with their developed time management skill to answer all types of questions within time during exam. Self-analysis is an important step of focusing on self-growth which can be done effectively by following NCERT solution of physics.

Students who face difficulties to understand any critical topic included in their curriculum can understand that through NCERT solution. Extra facts are also useful for enhancing knowledge on any particular topic given by experts in NCERT physics solution. As it is a mere practical based subject students require various questions related to their practical exam. Students will find all types of questions for practical based on every single chapter within CERT solutions. Those are useful factors for students to develop their practical learning easily through regular learning sessions. We are hopeful that students will be greatly benefitted from NCERT solution of their physics learning. They should follow this perfect study materials for achieving higher score in final exam in physics.


  1. Why do students need to follow NCERT class 12 physics solution?

Answer. All students should follow their NCERT physics solution of class 12 to clear all concepts and enhance subjective knowledge at deeper level. With it they will be confident with their exam preparation and perform well in final exam.

  1. From where students can get pdf of NCERT class 12 physics solution:

Answer. Students will find direct link to download NCERT physics solution of class 12 from this article easily and can download from there according to their convenience.