Make your own Magnet


Take 3-4 iron needles together. Pick one of the needle and check is it any attraction between needles? If there is no attraction it means that they are not magnetised. Now we create our own magnet. Put one needle and moving over a magnet from north pole to south pole. We have to make sure directions of moving of iron needle is north pole to south pole. Repeat this process lots of time. Let’s cheak if it is turn into a magnet or not? Take this needle closer to other iron needle and see what will be happen. It started to attract other needles, this means that you make your own magnet.

Q1 What happen if we move needle from south pole to north pole?

Ans : If we move needle from south pole to north pole then needle not get magnetised and there is no magnet is created.

Q2 What causes a needle to transform into a magnet?

Ans : When we move needle over a magnet, magnetic induction take place. As a result there is magnetic domain in iron start to aline in a same direction. Therefore needle transform into a magnet.

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