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KSEEB Solutions Class 6

KSEEB Solutions Class 6 – Karnataka Board KSEEB is formulated by Karnataka state education council to govern the education system from class 5 to class 12. It designs the syllabus, prepares textbooks, regulates teaching methods and monitors exam pattern effectively. All the process are done by experts for keeping students’ learning in updated form through […]

Air is Important to Us

Air is Important to Us Air used as breathing purpose which is too essential for human beings. Water cycle have main role of Air. It can convert step by step and complete water cycle. Air is used for generate electricity with the help of water. Air helps to flying birds. Even kites are also fly […]

Availability of oxygen to Plants

Availability of oxygen to Plants Plants are natural helping agent of living earth. Plants take unwanted carbon dioxide from air and decrease suffocation or as well say absorb global warming gas. It is an interdependent chain in between plant and animals. Someone is out the thing second one is observe that things. Due to this […]


Burning fuel produces smoke and ash. Petrol, diesel, wood, coal, kerosene like fuel burns and produces blackish gas called as Smoke. It is dangerous to human body. We can see Smoke in factories also. In factories, smoke is present in huge amount so it is harmful for workers while they are working in factory so […]

Composition of Air

Composition of Air – Air is composite mixture i.e. it contains number of different gases with different percentage. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and many useful gases in present in air. With the help of below diagram we study gases percentage in air. So as per above diagrammatic information we know about different gases with their […]


We live in atmosphere. For all living things some basic things is important to survive like air, water, sunlight, etc. These are basic needs of living things. In this chapter we will start to learning about AIR in brief. Air in constantly present in our surrounding. If air can present in movable form it called […]

Saturated and unsaturated solution

Saturated and unsaturated solution Saturated solution can perform with salt and water of any salt phase and liquid solvent. When solution having no more capacity to add solute particles in it this is called as saturated solution. It has maximum quantity of solute particles. When solution has ability to accept more solute particles in it […]


Sublimation Sublimation means substance directly converted in gaseous form. Those substances convert in gaseous form this is called as sublimate. Sublimation is also one kind of separation technique which we can use to separate solid-solid homogeneous mixture which is difficult to separate from one another. In that mixture, one has property to sublimate so one […]


Centrifugation Centrifugation is a method which can separate the solid particle from liquid. A small tiny solid particle which can pass through sieve or filtration technique also this kind of minute particle can separate through centrifugation. Centrifugation machine is one kind of our kitchen mixer. Due to rotational motion heavier particle can settle down in […]

Separating funnel

Separating funnel Separating funnel is used to separate immiscible liquid- liquid solution. These processes perform when two or more than two liquids having different density. Due to this differentiation in liquids we can separate them easily. Firstly pour the liquid solution in separating funnel, then according to density less dense liquid is float in upper […]