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Human respiratory system

Human respiratory system is can be defined as mesh of tissues and organs that helps us for inspiration of oxygen and exspiration of carbon dioxide with the help of respiratory organs such as nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea also called as wind pipe and lungs. Inhalation : Inhalation means taking air more specifically oxygen from the […]

Magnetic field due to current carrying straight wire

Oersted found that current carrying conductor produced magnetic field around it. Now we will discuss about nature and magnitude of that magnetic field produced by conducting wire around it. Does this magnetic field depend on geometrical configuration of that conducting wire? We will resolve this question. To investigate this, we perform an experiment. Insert copper […]

DC Motor

DC motor is widely  used in most of the electronic equipments. Invention of DC motor makes life simple and faster.Maximum toys are made from DC motor. Did you play with DC motor? Lets try to understand how it works. Principal: DC motor is based on It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. When current carrying […]

Force on a current carrying conductor in magnetic field

Oersted experimentally found that current carrying conductor apply force on magnet. He observed the deflection of magnetic needle placed vicinity of current carrying conductor, so he conclude Electric current is a source of magnetic field. Magnetic field due to current carrying conductor apply force on magnet. We extend this concept and think opposite to that. […]

Magnetic Field due to current in solenoid

As we already discussed about the magnetic field around a circular loop. The magnetic field lines are straight at the centre of a loop but when we move towards end of loop, field lines become curved. What will happen if we place another circular conducting loop parallel to first? Will magnetic field lines become straight? […]

Magnetic field due to circular loop

The source of magnetic field is electric current. In this concept we will discuss about magnetic field due to circular loop. As we know that if current passing through a straight wire then magnetic field creates around it. The magnitude of that magnetic field is inversely proportional to distance from the  conducting wire.Now we bend  […]

Attraction and Repulsion

Activity Take two bar magnet, one magnet bar attach to retort stand with the help of string. When magnet on retort comes to rest position then another bar magnet and hold in your hand. Bringing north pole near to a south pole of magnet which is suspended on retort stand. Observe both the magnet bar, […]

Make your own Magnet

Activity Take 3-4 iron needles together. Pick one of the needle and check is it any attraction between needles? If there is no attraction it means that they are not magnetised. Now we create our own magnet. Put one needle and moving over a magnet from north pole to south pole. We have to make […]

Like poles and unlike poles

Activity 1: Take some needles, plastic buttons, hooks and very small pieces of cloth kept on a table. Now take a magnet in your hand, and moving a magnet over these substance. What do you observe? Needles and hooks are attracted only at ends of magnet. And plastic buttons and very small pieces cloth does […]

Electric Conductor and Insulator

In this chapter we learned about electricity and electric circuit, how torch bulb starts to glow. This happen because of current which passing through a circuit. When material transfer anything by themselve from one place to another is called conductor. In an electric circuit we used metal wire, by using this wire we transfer electricity […]