Computer MCQ for Class 1 to 10 | Important Multiple Choice Q&A on Computer Subject

Computer awareness is a major part of many competitive exams all over the country which carries an important portion of the total score. Questions that come in those exams are generally multiple choice question types for which students require detail knowledge of all computer related topics within their syllabus. This article about computer mcq will cover all the topics that are important from exam perspective with relevant resources of updated mcqs and their solutions for Class 1 to 10. Computer knowledge is such an important part of competitive exams which is beneficial for aspirants for scoring higher in the total marks. Besides this, computer literacy is must for all to be updated in this technology based environment from education to industry all sectors. Computer learning is also included in academics for making students well-educated with all forms of learning. All applications within different sectors like education, working environment have become modern-technology based for which computer knowledge is required.

Computer MCQ for School Exam, Competitive Exam and Job Exam

Basic computer knowledge is a must for all aspirants who have the dream of joining any government sector in the near future. Along with this all candidates need to have adequate knowledge in different computer applications, computer languages and some soft wares for specific designations. Computer awareness is a specific section for banking exams and it has become also a general part of all other competitive exams like staff selection commission, state level public service commission, entrance exams within its general awareness part. The computer awareness section is quite clear and direct in which students can get full marks and increase their overall score in the exam. The article will provide details about the syllabus of computer knowledge for various competitive exam, topic-wise explanation and list of relevant mcqs from all chapters. Aspirants will find adequate resources of mcqs on computer for preparing well before their exam. They will also understand about the important topics from exam perspective and then prepare well. The article is made with an aim of helping both general aspirants who have little knowledge about computer and for candidates who have advanced knowledge on computer. It has short notes and tricks which will be helpful for candidates to remember important questions in exam. All aspirants are advised to follow this article and get complete knowledge about computer awareness because it will enhance their overall score in the exam. All topics like Microsoft windows, fundamentals of computer, Microsoft office, ms word, MS excel, MS access, computer shortcut keys, high level computer languages etc. are included with detail explanation and numerous mcqs for guiding aspirants through their preparations. Candidates can check the details regarding any information about computer awareness syllabus, question pattern and mcqs list by clicking on the below links: