MS Power Point MCQs with Answers

MS Power Point MCQs

1) It is a method of delivering an idea or a message across to an audience.

a) MS Word

b) MS Paint

c) MS Excel

d) MS PowerPoint

2) It is a presentation software from MS office suite package

a) MS Power Point

b) MS Word

c) MS Paint

d) MS Excel

3) The PowerPoint presentations are saved in a file with a extension of

a) .ppts

b) .pptx

c) .pnt

d) .pointp

4) The blank page in MS PowerPoint on which we can work on

a) Page

b) work book

c) Slide

d) None of these

5) It is the by-default file name that is displayed on the Title bar in MS PowerPoint

a) Untitled Paint

b) Book 1

c) Document 1

d) Presentation 1

6) It determines how your presentation move from one slide to the next

a) Transition

b) animation

c) themes

d) None of these

7)  It refers to the movement and sound accompanying text or slides in your presentation.

a) Themes

b) background styles

c) Animation

d) Transition

8) It is a pre-defined combination of colours, fonts, and effects that can be applied to your presentation.

a) Background styles

b) Themes

c) Transition

d) Animation

9) It allows you to create stylized text with textures, shadows, and outline which can be applied only to the text on any slide

a) Theme

b) Animation

c) Transition

d) Word Art

10) The grid of cells that is arranged in rows and columns and is used to organize the information.

a) Slide

b) Placeholder

c) Table

d) None of these

11) It is usually added to your content to protect it from unauthorized copying.

a) Pin

b) Password

c) watermark

d) Pattern

12) This determines the position of the text within its object box on a slide.

a) Alignment

b) Location

c) place

d) All of these

13) In this view, the miniature slides are arranged on the screen and can drag and drop the slides for rearranging them in order

a) Normal view

b) Notes page

c) slide show view

d) slide sorter view

14) This view fills the computer screen with a slide and is what the audience will see when they view the presentation.

a) Slide sorter view

b) Slide show view

c) Notes page view

d) None of these

15) It is also called as speaker notes, where notes can be added to the presentation from this view.

a) Notes page view

b) slide show view

c) slide sorter view

d) Normal view

Answer keys

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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