Introduction to Operating System MCQs with Answers

Introduction to Operating System MCQs with Answers

1) It is a set of instructions which controls the data, data storage and information.

a) CPU

b) Operating System

c) Monitor

d) Both A and B

2) The means of communication between a user and a computer using the input and output devices is called

a) Mediator

b) Source

c) Bridge

d) Interface

3) GUI and CUI are the two types of

a) Operating System

b) Hardware

c) Text

d) Interface

4) There is a need to remember the commands and the grammer of these commands thoroughly in :

a) CUI

b) GUI

c) GIF

d) Both A and C

5) The function of Operating System is :

a) To get the information as input

b) To display the result as output

c) To manage and control all the parts of the computer

d) All of these

6) MS DOS is an example of :

a) GUI

b) CUI

c) GIF


7) Linux, Windows, etc are the examples :

a) CUI



d) None of these

8) In …………….. the graphic objects helps the user to communicate with the computer.

a) URL

b) GIF

c) CUI

d) GUI

9) The abbreviation of CUI

a) Chat Uniformly Interchange

b) Character User Interface

c) Consider Unlisted Information

d) Checking Unlimited Information

10)  GUI stands for

a) Graphics User Interface

b) Graphical User Interchange

c) Graphics User Interchange

d) Graphical User Interface

11) Linux and Windows are the two types of :

a) Input/output devices

b) Protocols

c) Sequential access memory

d) Operating systems

 12) DOS stands for

a) Disk Operating System

b) Direct Operating System

c) Deleted Operating System

d) Both A and B

13) This operating system was developed by an American company Microsoft

a) MS Office

b) Windows

c) Linux

d) Unix

14) Linux Operating System was developed by :

a) Charles Babbage

b) Bill Gates

c) Tim Berners Lee

d) Linus Tarvalds.

15)  The abbreviation of OS is

a) Our Solution

b) One’s Safety

c) Operating System

d) Other’s Security

Answer Keys :-

                    1 B
2 D
3 D
4 A
5 D
6 B
7 B
8 D
9 B
10 A
11 D
12 A
13 B
14 D
15 C
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  1. Wanted to make correction here:
    GUI stands for Graphical User interface .

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