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KSEEB Solutions Class 7

KSEEB Solutions Class 7 – Karnataka Board KSEEB constantly work on improving the education system of Karnataka in all stages for having positive learning outcomes of students. Class 7 is the foundational stage of students’ academic career where they needs extra care to make them completely understand the importance and learning of each subjects. it […]


Tissue : The living things present on earth is made up of cell .Some organism is made up of one cell while some are made up of more than one cell .But did u all ever  think , if the making of organism will start from one cell then what will be the next happen […]


Kidney : Each and every organ present in living organism has there specific activity to perform . Every organ has its definite shape and size .Human body is made up of lots of organ some organs have key role to maintain the regulation and filteration of body i.e heart , lungs and kidney. We studied […]

Excreation In Animals

Excreation In Animals : We eat food and drink water for getting energy from them .But that complete food ,water is not useful for our body so , What happen with that unused food and water ? We take an example ; Our mother make juice from fruits .Did u see ever what she did […]

Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels : Human is made up of various organs which perform the different functions in different system. That systems work differentially to carry out particular function . Did u all ever think that , this all systems needs energy to work out i.e excretory system , circulatory system , digestive system , respiratory system […]


Heartbeat Heart is a systematic organ .It is made up of muscles .In the process of circulation of blood in heart , the heart muscles gets pump up as the blood enter in it and decrease up when blood go out of heart .In this way heart gets contract and relax back to back once […]


Heart Heart is the organ present in all well developed organism .In human it is the main organ present under chest at left side .It is made up of muscles .The weight of heart is approximately 310 gram .The main function of heart is to purify the blood .The heart purify the deoxygenated blood into […]


Blood Blood is red colour. It is liquidy in consistency. It  is present in most of the organism .Blood is the most important component in human body as it helps to work out all activities and systems i.e digestive system, respiratory system , excretory system , circulatory system etc .Blood transfer oxygen to all organs […]

Circulatory System

Circulatory System : All well developed organism has the circulatory system .Human has well organised circulatory system .Now , what is circulatory system ? Circulatory system is the system present in living organism which transfer fluid , nutrients , vitamin , minerals ,etc to all parts of body of an organism .The circulatory system works […]

Respiration In Animals

All living organism perform the process of respiration ,but there is a different way for the performance of respiration process in all living organism. Human have differ organs for breathing while plants use different way to perform respiration . Now how do the animal respire? The animal respire according to their atmosphere and habitat .For […]