Respiration in Plants

Plant are living organism which are the main source of food for other organism .Each living organism needs energy to grow up and for other activities and for that process of respiration is essential. As plants are also living organism the process of respiration takes place in it .

Plants also respire for their abidance and to fullfill the need of energy in them .Plants do process of respiration mostly in night .As the other living organism swap up the air ,plants also do that same to respire . Every living organism have specialized respiratory organs or parts .The plants also respire with the help of their special parts i.e stomata and root hair .

a) Respiration through stomata :

Plants respire through stomata .The stomata is present on leaves .It plays an important roles in the process of respiration and photosynthesis .The stomata get oxygen from atmosphere and throw  the carbon dioxide out of plant .

b) Respiration through root hair :

Plants respire through root hair . The root hair is present on root and at the tip of root .The water stream is present in the soil between rocks from where water is absorbed by plant with the help of root .The air space is present between rocks .The root hair get oxygen from the air space present in between rocks and soil particles and throw carbon dioxide outside .

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