Blood is red colour. It is liquidy in consistency. It  is present in most of the organism .Blood is the most important component in human body as it helps to work out all activities and systems i.e digestive system, respiratory system , excretory system , circulatory system etc .Blood transfer oxygen to all organs of body and bring carbon dioxide from them in respiratory system .It  provides the vitamin , minerals , nutrition to all parts of body which gain through  digestive system .In excretory system blood transfer the waste material for eliminate .The blood is made up of four main component ,this component are  responsible for the colour , consistency , action of blood.

  • Components present in blood :

1) Red blood cells (RBC) :

Red blood cells is responsible for the red colour of blood as it hold red pigment i.e haemoglobin. Red blood cells transfer oxygen to all organs of body that’s why when we have deficiency of blood (haemoglobin ) then we can’t breath properly .

2) White blood cells (WBC) :

White blood cells present in blood which is responsible for the good immune system .White blood cells defend us from hazardous particles  and infection .When the infection enters in our body the white blood cells fight against it and protect us .White blood cells is different in shape and activities and this are differentiate on the basis of shape of their nucleus i.e round shape ,bean shape ,rod shape ,etc

3) Plasma :

Plasma is present in human which is transparent in colour .It holds 55% of water ,salt and other components .

4) Platelets :

Platelets are tiny and has no colour .It helps to clot the blood and stop bleeding .The deficiency of platelets can cause severe problem as it clot blood and when the number of platelets is less then the bleeding of blood can’t stop.

The blood transfer the essential component and nutrients and oxygen to all parts of body but by doing this all transportation the blood gets deoxygenated which will filter by heart.

  • Question based on topic :

1) What is Blood ?

2) Which components are present in the blood ?

3) Explain Red and White blood cells ?

4) What is Plasma ?

5) What is Platelets ?

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