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Respiration in Plants

Plant are living organism which are the main source of food for other organism .Each living organism needs energy to grow up and for other activities and for that process of respiration is essential. As plants are also living organism the process of respiration takes place in it . Plants also respire for their abidance […]

Respiration in Humans

We are the humans and did u all notice How we breath or respire ? Is our body do any movement when we breath ? Yes , Our chest do little movement when we breath .We need energy to do our daily activities and that’s why we eat food ,the food that we eats converted […]


Can u say childrens, What is the importance of our nose ? What we do by our nose ? We breath by our nose .Now , What is breathing ? Breathing is the action of respiration in which oxygen get from external atmosphere by our body and carbon dioxide is thrown out from the body […]


What is respiration ? Did u all ever notice why our heart beats very fast when we run or do any heavy activities ? Because we breath very fast while doing such activities and the action of breathing is known as respiration. As we know every living organism eat ,move and do whatever they want […]

Soil pollution

What is soil pollution? The soil pollution is defined as the presence of toxic substances in high amount in soil which is harmful for environment . The soil is polluted because of human activities day by day. The soil pollution contain pollutants and contaminants. The polluted substance are those substance which is responsible for the […]

Soil Properties

The soil contain various components i.e minerals , organic material , air and water .On this combination of components the property of soil is depend .If quality and quantity of components decide the soil property i.e percolation of water through soil , moisture , absorption ,texture ,colour ,pH of soil . 1) Percolation of water […]

Soil Types

The type of soil is depend on the size of soil particle .The rocks gets disintegrated and forms particals which is responsible for the production of type of soil . Sometimes rocks crumbled and form large particles or fine particles .The different type of soil has the different characteristics .The types of soil are as […]

Composition of soil

Soil composition : The soil is a storehouse for all the elements that plants need to grow. It also provides support for plant roots .Soil nourish the plants. But did u all think , how plants get nourished by soil? How soil formed ? The soil contain some elements which make it able to feed […]

Soil profile

What is soil? Did u all know, what’s soil mean ?From where soil comes? How soil form? ’’The soil is the skin of our earth” Yes ; As the forms the surface of land and make up the top layer of earth surface. Soil is the natural resources and are the complex mixture of minerals, […]


Salts are defined as ionic compounds. It consists of positively charged ions (cations) and negatively charged ions (anions). Salts are formed when acid and base reacts with each other. For example salt is formed during neutralization reaction. Example: The most common example of salt is NaCl (Sodium chloride) also known as common salt which is […]