Excreation In Animals

Excreation In Animals :

We eat food and drink water for getting energy from them .But that complete food ,water is not useful for our body so , What happen with that unused food and water ? We take an example ; Our mother make juice from fruits .Did u see ever what she did exactly , our mother take off juice from fruits by using juicer machine and after getting healthy juice she throw out that mashed fruit remain .In this way our body gain all essential nutrient , minerals , vitamin , etc from food and water which we intake and throw out the remain and unused food from our body which is called excretion .The process of excretion is takes place with the help of excretory system .There are different type of excretory system and excrete material is present in different habitat animals like fish and aquatic animals have distinct excretory system because they excrete ammonia , Birds and reptiles excrete urea so they have different excretory system then Human excrete uric acid they have systemic and specialized excretory system.

  • What is Excretory system?

In a living organism there are various organ system is present which workout on different metabolic activity .The digestive system work to digest the food and getting nutrients from it ,The respiratory system work to respire  and getting oxygen with the help of it ,The circulatory system work to circulate blood all over body ,like that excretory system has also it’s specialized work i.e excretion .The throwing of waste food and water out of the body is conducted by an excretory system . Excretory system is made up of organs i.e kidney ,ureter , urinary bladder , urethra and urinary opening.

  • Organs of excretory system:

1) Kidney :

Kidney is bean shaped organ .There are two kidneys are present in human .Kidney separates the unwanted urine (urea ,salts ,water ) from blood .

2) Ureter :

Ureter is tube like structured .It is present in between kidney and urinary bladder as a purpose of connecter .

3) Urinary bladder :

Urinary bladder is a bag like structured .it is elastic in nature .

4) Urethra :

It is present just below the urinary bladder .The urine is passed out from urethra .

5) Urinary opening :

Urinary opening is present at the end of complete excretory system .It is small tube like structured .

  • Process of excretion of urine in human :

1) The blood comes in the kidney through vessels .The kidney contain ability to filter the blood so it filter blood that’s why the unwanted waste from blood pass to ureter and fiter blood goes back in vessels .

2) The unwanted water waste through ureter comes in urinary bladder .

3)The unwanted waste water in the form of urine stored into urinary bladder .

4) At the time of excrete out the urine .

5) The urine comes in urethra and through urinary opening the urine is thrown out of body .

6) In this way the unwanted waste food is also excrete out at the end of digestive system by anus and the sweat is also the excreted material which contain salt and water is excreted by sweat gland present in our body .


  • Question based on topic:

1) What is excretion in animal ?

2) What is excretory system ?

3) Which organs are present in excretory system ?

4) Explain the process of excretion.

5) What is the main purpose of excretory system .

6) What is the excrete material of fish and birds known as ?

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