Respiration in Humans

We are the humans and did u all notice How we breath or respire ? Is our body do any movement when we breath ? Yes , Our chest do little movement when we breath .We need energy to do our daily activities and that’s why we eat food ,the food that we eats converted into energy through the process of respiration.

All living organism have specialized respiratory organs and respiratory system which is differ in different living organism .The humans have various organs system present in body for mechanism and metabolism of energy i.e digestive system , excretory system , circulatory system and respiratory system .

The respiratory system consists various organs which simultaneously takes place in process of breathing or respiration .The main organs of respiratory system is nose , mouth , pharynx , trachea , lungs , alveoli , diaphragm , etc.

1) Nose :

Our nose get in oxygen and throw out carbon dioxide .It contain hairs which work as barrier for the unwanted particles which disturb respiratory organs like dust particles , smoke ,etc.It consist nasal cavity .

2) Mouth :

Mouth is used by respiratory system for inhalation and exhalation of airs .It consist oral cavity .

3) Pharynx :

Pharynx is present below the nasal and oral cavity .It connect the nasal cavity and trachea .

4) Trachea :

Trachea is work as pipeline in respiratory system .The air enters and exits through trachea .

5) Lungs :

The pair of lungs is the main organ of respiratory system . The lungs swap up the airs i.e oxygen and carbon dioxide .

6) Alveoli :

Alveoli is a little air bag like structured , present in lungs .It swap up airs from blood vessels .

7) Diaphragm :

Diaphragm is present below the chest and lungs .It is muscular skeletal structured .It works alternately with lungs .

  • Process of respiration in human :

1) When the human breath , the air gets enter from nose and mouth  which consists nasal and oral cavity .

2) The air filled in cavities passed through pharynx which conduct the cavities and trachea .

3) The trachea is like pipe line which help the air to reach the lungs .

4) The air passed on through trachea into lungs .

5) In the lungs the swaping of air is takes place by alveoli .

6) The carbon dioxide from blood going way to outside of body while from outer air the oxygen go in to blood .

7) The carbon dioxide comes out of lungs through trachea and exits through nose outside the body .

8) In this way the process of inhalation (taking oxygen from air )and exhalation (throwing carbon dioxide out from body )takes place simultaneously .

9) When the human inhale the lungs gets bulged up while the diaphragm get flat .

10) When the human exhale the lungs gets shrink while the diaphragm get relax .

11) In this way while the process of respiration the lungs and diaphragm works alternately to adjust the air .

  • Question based on topic:

1) What is Respiration ?

2) How does respiration takes place in human ?

3) Which organs are essential for respiratory system ?

4) Explain the process of respiration in human .

5) Define Alveoli and lungs .

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