Tissue :

The living things present on earth is made up of cell .Some organism is made up of one cell while some are made up of more than one cell .But did u all ever  think , if the making of organism will start from one cell then what will be the next happen ? Actually one cell form then next one form and in this way bundle of cell is form which is know as tissue.

  • What is tissue?

Tissue is a cluster or group of cell. The tissue combine with each other and form layer and organ of the body. There are different type of tissue which perform distinct function .The palnt tissue is different than animal tissue as there purpose is differ than each other.

Animal contain four types of tissue as per there location and performance.

1) Blood tissue :

These tissue are present in blood and other fluid present in body which is connected with each other .

2) Skin tissue :

These tissue are present outer layer of body .The skin is form by special tissue called skin tissue .

3) Skeletal tissue :

These tissue form the covering on skeleton in the form of muscles .

4) Nerve tissue :

These tissue is present in nerve .This tissue is found in whole  nervous system .

The plant tissue is made up from the cells of that organ . Example ,The bundle of root cells make the special root tissue which is only present in root to perform ground level action .In this way the plant need help to get food and water from ground level and this is provided by vessel and the vessel is made from vascular tissue .

1) Vascular tissue :

The cluster of vessel cells makes the vascular tissue .The vascular tissue has a unique and important function of providing water and food to all parts of plants .For translation of food and  water the vascular tissue is divided into two parts i.e ,xylem and phloem .

a) Xylem :

Xylem tissue provide water to all parts of plant .It is present beside the pith cavity of the plant vessel .

b) Phloem :

Phloem tissue provide food to all parts of plant .It is present beside the cell wall of the plant vessel .

  • Question based on topic :

1) What is tissue?

2) How many type of tissue did animals have?

3) Explain types of tissue present in animal .

4) What is vascular tissue?

5) What is xylem and phloem?

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