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Sayali Saptarshi is a well-known motivational speaker and soft skills trainer. To own a great image is to empower yourself with visual power. A power that even before you say a word has induced others to see you as successful, attractive and someone worth knowing.

Miss Sayali Saptarshi is a s soft skills instructor. Having a beautiful image gives you visual strength. A power that causes others to regard you as successful, attractive, and interesting before you even say anything. She wrote a book for students and youngsters……

Sayali Saptarshi’s incredible tricky math book is incredibly easy to read, and anyone can compute the sums on techniques…… This miraculous tough math book makes mathematical sums EASY to understand. She is attempting to alleviate the anxieties of those pupils who are afraid of math….and this book will assist those students who wish to alleviate their fears and learn math in a more straightforward manner….

Every student is not smart, but every youngster has a wide range of interests. Every student is not intelligent, but each child’s interests are unique, and the book will greatly assist them in increasing their confidence, learning ability, and interest. I am attempting to teach all of the lessons, chapters, and units in a very basic manner/ I hope this book will assist you in your future endeavours.

Magical Tricky Math [would be] a breathtaking tour of logic special effects. Magical Tricky Mathematics will appeal to fans of enjoyable mathematics.  Magical Tricky Math  learning not just to improves in basic numeracy such as adding, multiply, reduction, and dividing, but it also aids in the precise numbering of integer values, negative numbers, tables, reasoning, squares, cubes, square root cube roots, letter series, coding and decoding analogy test, relationship, classification, calender, clock, direction’s, ranking and sitting arrangements, number and letter series and so on. Students who learn how to manipulate the tricks and  use their logic and tricks on sums to calculate numbers so it will be very easy to understand for every student.

A text book should inspire conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities among pupils.

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Tables: 1 to 10,00,000


Addition Dot Method


Subtraction Bar Method


4) Multiplication

Magic of 9: 1 to 5 Digits


Magic of 11: 1 to 8 Digits

Multiplication: 1 to 6 Digits


5) Division: 1 to 8 Digits
Unit-4 6)

Squares: 1 to 1,000


Cube: 1 to 1000

Squares Root: 1 to 8 Digits


Cube Root: 1 to 8 Digits
Unit-5 10)



11) Letter series
Unit-7 12)



13) Analogy test
Unit-9 14)



15) Classification
Unit-11 16)



17) Clock
Unit-13 18)



19) Ranking & Sitting Arrangement’s
Unit-15 20)

Number & Letter Puzzle

Magical maths benefits

  1. Magical maths is a good for brain
  2. Increasing an analytical thinking, critical thought
  3. Increasing a memory power
  4. It is used for mental calculation
  5. Improving speed focus and accuracy
  6. Improving self confidence
  7. Have fan
  8. Increasing concentration power
  9. Intelligent problem solving
  10. Reduce fear of mathematics
  11. Time saving calculation technique
  12. Solve the any question with in 4 and 5 second

magical maths for students

Why Table is Important?

The foundation of mathematics is tables. Having to learn Tables play a significant role. The most difficult multiplication, division, factorization, and other equations are made simple using tables. Our common mathematical computations are made simpler by tables.

Why Multiplication is Important?

Establishes the integral equation building blocks and supports higher challenging things. Multiplication is a vital skill that must be part of everyone’s “glovebox” of theoretical ability and will enable your child to succeed in what is frequently regarded as a difficult subject.

Why Division is Important?

The abilities your child has already mastered in addition, subtraction, and multiplication are built upon by division. Students will study long division with non – linear and non numbers and fractions after acquiring the fundamentals of division.

Why Squares is Important ?

The fact that (for any values x) the squaring of x is the same as the square of its additive inverse x is one of the defining attributes of squaring for figures as well as in many other statistical methods.

Why Cube Is Important?

The only periodic tri Geometric mural utilizes as its cell the cube. It is also the only Platonic solid with faces with an even number of sides, making it the only zonohedron among the Platonic solids.

Why Square Root Is important?

The quadratic fields and rings of quadratic integers, which are based on square roots, are significant in algebra and have applications in geometry. It plays a significant role in the formula for the roots of a quadratic equation. Square roots are widely used in physical laws and other mathematical calculations.

Why Cube Root Is Important?

Cubic equations are frequently resolved using the cube root. It can be used, in instance, to find the measurements of a multi object with a known density.

Why Reasoning Is Important?

The act of creating or judging statements in light of their arguments and supporting data is known as reasoning. Being able to reason impacts how individuals understand, assess, and accept statements and arguments, which has a significant bearing on somebody’s ability to gain knowledge from new experience and information.

Why Letter Series Is Important?

A letter series is an essentially a collection of the English oracle’s sounds that follow a predetermined order. A list of letters, uppercase letters, or permutations of both numbers and letters are provided in this section. Term refers to any set of elements or groups. The show’ themes have a particular sequence.

Why Coding – Decoding Is Important?

A procedure called coding is used to cipher a word using a certain pattern and set of rules. Decoding, by contrast hand, is the act of reverting a given code to its initial place.

Why Analogy Is Important?

Problem-solving, decision-making, reasoning, perception, generalisation, memory, creativity, innovation, prediction, emotion, explanation, conceptualization, and communication all rely heavily on analogies.

Why Reasoning -Relationship ?

One should be able to create a family tree in to resolve issues involving blood connection.

Why Words Classification?

In this type of classification, different objects are classified on the basis of common features/properties,names,place,uses,situations, origin etc….

Why Calender Is Important ?

One of the most crucial subjects for entrance exams into the state services is calendars. Due to its extensive rational discussion and research, the topic “Important dates” falls under the area of logical reasoning. In the board examination of several Federal and Banking Exams, one may unquestionably anticipate 2 to 4 difficulties.

Why Clock Is Important?

An important key subjects to master in order to reply to the questions on “clocks” in the central government entrance exams. It is a critical feature of logical thinking that not only entails in-depth logical thought but also relates to a meticulous level of calculations in order to correctly respond to the queries.

Why Direction Is Important?

Logic involves following procedures. It is among the elements that features on essentially all constantly evaluate. In order to respond to the queries on the issue, reasoning and analytical skills are needed. Acquiring knowledge of comfortable seating will be made easier by studying the “Directions” topic.

Why Ranking & Sitting Arrangement’s

When answering questions based on seating arrangements, you must arrange the people or things in accordance with the requirements stated in the question. Questions about seating arrangements are based on the seating pattern, direction, and whether they are facing inside or outside.

Number & Letter Puzzle

This is the “Word and Sign Series” segment of the cognitive reasoning questions and answers with explanations for recent interviews and competitive assessments.

  • Magical Mathematics improves our ability to solve issues.

Rational thought on our surroundings is referred to as rational skills. Our capacity for thinking is what allows us to approach problems sensibly. The ability to think critically and rationally is crucial since it aids in issue solving and answer seeking.

  • How Is Mathematics Such a Big Deal?

Whatever perspective I take, magical math was fundamental to my achievement and arrived first of all and most. The future success of our nation’s science, technology, and engineering industries depends on its professionals having a strong magical mathematical basis.

The value of a strong mathematics education goes much beyond the discussion of higher scores on tests as it is currently being discussed. In my schooling and job, I have used the word “magical mathematics” a lot, but I never gave it any attention before lately.

I discovered intriguing literal definitions in two ancient languages after looking from an etymological angle. It is “understanding” in Greek. Its core word in Hebrew means “thought.”

They claim that mathematical equips us with the crucial skill needed to study and reason coherently in any line of work. Today, student ’s level are more crucial than information because it is so easily accessible online.

  • How can we make computational mathematics better?

Memorizing formulas and the usage of calculations are emphasised in modern teaching techniques. With the main emphasis on exam scores, students are taught by rote rather than evaluating and understanding. Exam results are important, but not enough.

If we consider that helping our child grow the capacities to learn and think is the main goal of a higher educational attainment, we must take much more action. To encourage students’ creativity, inventiveness, and confidence, it is necessary to design new and innovative learning programmes that incorporate the available technologies. For them to become curious and like education, they require more active and palms teaching.


1) What exactly is Magical tricky math?

Magical challenging math is a straightforward and logical method for performing quick arithmetic computations. It is simple to understand the basic math to the top of the sums. It can be solved logically and in some cases using mathematics.

2) What are the benefits of studying magical tricky maths?

Magical tricky math learning helps students increase their problem-solving skills, concentration, confidence, and recall ability.

3) What is the best age to start studying Magical tricky math?

Magical Tricky Math learning is ideally introduced between the ages of 7 to 13 years for first group and 14 years to 23 years.

4) Is it possible for an adult to learn Magical Math Tricky at any age?

Yes, adults can learn Magical tricky math at any age; because its easy to understand so everyone can learn magical tricky math in any age.

5) Will the youngster become perplexed when performing schoolwork math computations after acquiring Magical Tricky Math?

No, there will be no confusion. The teenager who has already learned basic addition and subtraction techniques at classroom is studying to perform the same on the Magical tricky math, but much faster and with higher accuracy. In school, the student would work on challenges that required a stage process approach. If the youngster has also learned magical tricky math, they will be able to swiftly cross-check the accuracy of the solution.

6) That however much practise is required to accomplish Magical tricky math calculations?

The most crucial aspect of perfecting Magical Tricky math calculation is exercise. Learners can improve their intellectual calculating efficiency with simply continuous practice.

7) When am I going to be able to learn Magical Tricky Math?

Once the logic and several simple formulas are perfected, everyone will be able to answer math problems visually.
Continuous practise can substantially increase mental calculation speed.

8) How can I enhance my magical tricky math calculation speed?

The speed of mental computation in magical tricky math can be enhanced by exercising for at least 30 minutes regularly.

9) What is the number of levels in an magical tricky math?

Magical tricky math has three stages in all.

10) Which skills are necessary for someone who wants to become an magical tricky math trainer?

The fundamental qualification for becoming an magical tricky math trainer is an enthusiasm in learning and teaching magical tricky math.