Subtraction Bar Method

Subtraction Bar Method

Subtraction is the other part of Mathematics. In this the lager digit is to be subtracted from the smaller digit. Subtracting numbers with two or more digits, it is important to write the larger numbers on top of the smaller numbers.

There are various methods of subtraction, Bar method is one of them.

Sometime when we do subtracting numbers with two or more digits you may find that the minuend is not big enough to subtract the subtrahend. In this case you will have to borrow from the minuend to the left. To borrow you take one from the left minuend and count that as ten to add to the minuend to the right. This will make a number large to subtract from. Than next we subtract one from the left side column, which was borrowed. That one we put as bar ( – ) on the upper digit of left side.

Suppose we take 32-7=25. Here 2 is smaller than 7 so we borrow 1 from left, it become 12-7=5.

Next 3 – 1 (borrowed) = 2. This borrowed 1 we put as ( – ) bar. It is that simple.

Let’s examine this using an illustration now: –

Substraction bar method


It was found that Bar Model of subtraction is more effective than any other method at primary level for children.

Updated: February 18, 2023 — 12:53 pm

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